Wait on God

I heard him tell me to be silent and still.
He said he would take care of me,
“Trust me. I will.”
I wanted to trust, but I waited as patiently as a child.
One moment I vowed to let go,
The next I ran wild.
With each passing year I lost a little more hope.
“Where are you?” I cried.
“Are you playing a cruel joke?”
“My daughter,” he said, “you don’t understand.
You haven’t fully let go.
Just place it all in my hand.”
He continued to say, “You forgot that my view is vast.
Your timing may seem right,
But we can’t move too fast.
I’ll never leave you, so please don’t leave me.
Everything will be alright.
Just wait and see.
Trust and obey when you hear my voice.
Every moment ahead has a purpose,
But you’ll still be given a choice.
If you simply listen and follow the words that I say,
It will all fall into place.
Just be patient for that day.
Sweet daughter, rest easy and mark my word.
Be silent and still,
And your voice will certainly be heard.
I’ll never be too early, and I’ll never be too late.
You are already taken care of, sweet child.
All you have to do is wait.”

Misty Fitch 10/14/2018


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