Wait on God

I heard him tell me to be silent and still. He said he would take care of me, “Trust me. I will.” I wanted to trust, but I waited as patiently as a child. One moment I vowed to let go, The next I ran wild. With each passing year I lost a little more … More Wait on God

Relationships, Distractions, and Unopened Letters

The other day someone dear to me mentioned the struggle with hearing God’s voice.  I asked this person the same questions I ask myself when I feel like I’m having trouble hearing God: How often do you read your bible? How often do you read your bible and really reflect and study the words you’re … More Relationships, Distractions, and Unopened Letters


In a Rush

As I was hurriedly leaving work yesterday to pick up my kids, I remembered something our youth pastor said a while back.  He said that for some reason women don’t realize that once we crank a car, we need to wait and let it warm up before actually driving.   This was very similar to something my husband tells me on … More In a Rush

Be Still

My plan was not to post today, but I just wanted to share that God is stirring something within me that is getting me excited! Stepping back, I can see that things have already been set in motion, and people have been placed in my life, and what is stirring may soon become reality! Psalm 46:10 … More Be Still