It’s Almost Here!!

The word perfect conjures up many different images in our minds. Some girls hear that word and literally cringe because of the thoughts that are associated with it. Some girls use that word often because it’s something they strive for, but it always seems they fall short. What does this word mean to you, and … More It’s Almost Here!!

With Open Arms

My book, Attainable Perfection,  is so close to being ready for publication. As we are putting the finishing touches on the editing and formatting process, I feel compelled to share something from one of the final chapters. I know there are so many of us who have found ourselves at a place where we have all … More With Open Arms

Twenty One Pilots, Childlike Faith, and Answered Prayers

The faith of a child . . . I have heard that phrase so often, and although there is nothing in scripture instructing us to have faith like a child, there are several mentions of making ourselves like a child. I believe that means reminding ourselves we are dependent on our Daddy God for all … More Twenty One Pilots, Childlike Faith, and Answered Prayers