Jewel of Light

Jewel of LightAt our house, we love superheroes, but do you feel most of them are not age appropriate for your children because they’re filled with violence and contain sexualized characters? I haven’t found a super-heroine that I would want my daughter looking up to. Why do they have to all be half dressed women?

Jewel of Light is a different kind of superhero.  Like all superheroes, she has to fight off her villains, but she does it in a way that no one has ever seen before.  How did I come up with something so different?  I didn’t.  A few years ago, and with the help of my son, my daughter created her own superhero identity, and she was extremely detailed in her appearance, what she wore, adventures she would go on, where here special powers would come from, and how she would help those in need. No one dies, and there is no gore, and I can assure you that no one is sexualized.  The main character is a 5 year old girl who uses her secret identity to help her through real life situations with semi-real life villains. From my daughter’s incredibly vivid imagination, Jewel of Light was born.

Jewel of Light is perfect for any imaginative little girl! With relatable characters, she quite possibly will see a little bit of herself in Jewel of Light and discover a world of adventures all her own.


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