The Real You

The Real You came to me after my daughter kept asking me to replay a certain song I had been listening to recently. I talk a little about it in my post The Music in You.

I had been working on another book for about 7 months and was just beginning my journey as a guest speaker when this song, The Real You, written by a sweet friend jumped right out at me.  It literally spoke to me so strongly that I began to cry.  You see, for 2 years I had been listening to this song and singing along with it, but I never listened to the words.  When I realized the words I had been singing were exactly the words of the message I was sending out to girls everywhere, I couldn’t stop listening to it.

My daughter asked me for that particular song every time we were in the car, and she asked for me to sing it to her before bed every night.  Each time I listened to the words of that song God spoke to me.  He always said something new to me, and I felt somehow like I was growing closer to him.

One day we were driving back from the swimming pool, listening to the song as usual, and it hit me.  God was telling me to pull the song apart and write a devotional.  I immediately contacted Betsy with what I felt lead to do.  I wasn’t even sure how long it would be until I was finished.  I simply allowed God to speak words of love to me as I read the words of her sweet song, and I wrote what I heard.

Regardless of age, something I’ve learned over the years is that girls struggle with self-image at some point in their lives.  Many spend the majority of their lives struggling with it.  Even though you may think the girl next to you has it all together and is confident in herself, she most likely has dealt with the exact same issues as you.  She may even be struggling with them right now.  I believe this book can speak to you just as it spoke to me while writing it.

Take 14 days and spend them reading about how much your Daddy God is in love with you.  You are his precious daughter — his princess, and he absolutely adores you.  You’ll see how special you are to him each day you read.

You can purchase yours HERE or through most bookstore websites. If you are ordering in bulk (10 or more books), please contact me, and you can order at a discount.

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