I Was Made by God, and I’m Beautiful!


There are no real words to explain what it’s like driving my kids to school in the mornings.  Of course, sometimes it’s a blur of rushing, blonde hair flying as we quickly get to the car, and words of frustration coming from the oldest. . . well, to be honest, those words are coming from all of us during those days.  It’s not until I stop focusing on the time once we’re in the car that moments like this morning are able to happen.  I need to make a mental note of this realization because, after all, regardless of what the clock says once we’re in the car, there’s nothing that will get them to school or me to work any quicker.

Most people want to live right beside their kids’ schools because it’s more convenient.  We don’t live even in the same town as the school our kids attend, so we have a fairly decent drive.  Car rides with my kids, though, are so precious to me.  There’s no tv, no dinner to be cooked, no laundry to be folded, no dishes to be loaded.  There’s nothing but driving.  I have found that the best, most relevant conversations with my kids come during these times.  Today was no exception.

From nowhere my daughter said, “Psalm 139:14 – I will praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” 

We have said this scripture to her from birth.  It’s actually the very first memory verse both she and her brother learned during the first week of school.  It’s what I call my “theme verse.”  It’s the name of my ministry.  This scripture is a part of our lives.

For the first time I realized we have never really talked about that verse.  I’ve made sure the kids know it by heart, but I started thinking and had to ask her, “That’s wonderful.  Now, do you know what it means to be fearfully and wonderfully made?”

She responded, “Yes.  It means God made me, and I’m beautiful.”

Her brother’s response was, “I was made from Jesus, and I’m cool and compassionate.”

After I told them they were both right, I asked if they wanted to know more about what that means, and my daughter immediately said, “Yes.”

God completely picked it up from there giving me words that were perfect for the two of them because it was something they were able to relate to and understand.

Cake Boss

I have made and decorated cakes for several years now.  I’m by no means exceptional at it – or experienced and educated enough to be called a professional, for that matter.  The majority of my knowledge actually came from watching The Cake Boss, but I’ve ended up with some pretty cool cakes if I do say so myself.  The kids have seen each phase of the cake process, so they understood this explanation.  We were all fearfully and wonderfully made by the Creator of the Universe.  It’s very similar to when a cake is made and decorated by its creator. 

I can’t just start on a cake without knowing where I’m going.  Who is the cake for?  What is the occasion?  How Many people will be eating the cake?  What is the theme of the event?  These questions all have to be answered before I can even think about the design of the cake.   I have to know the exact purpose of the cake.

Once all of these questions are answered, I can start designing on paper.  Once I perfect the design, it’s time to bake the cake.  The ingredients are important.  In order to get the amount necessary to feed everyone at the event, and in order for it to taste great, I have to measure and place specific ingredients in.  If the purpose of the cake is to be chocolate, then I will need to put the ingredients in it to make it a chocolate cake.  Sounds pretty common sense, right? 

My favorite part comes after the cake is made.  This is when I get to work with the fondant and make my 2-dimensional design come to 3-dimensional life!  If you’re unsure what fondant is, it’s a sugary icing that’s pliable and moldable like play dough, and it can harden like clay.  When I start, the fondant is just in containers separated by colors.  It’s like big “globs” of play dough.  I have to gather up the right amount of each color I need and start working.  I can’t just sit back and expect the fondant to come together; I have to get in there and work.  It’s a carefully thought out process, too.  Some things need to be started before other things because maybe they need time to harden.  Certain pieces need to be placed on the cake before other pieces in order for it to become the work of art it was intended to be.

I sometimes use tools when working with fondant, but I always use my hands.  I spend a great amount of time and care on this part.  Whether I’m making letters to spell out someone’s name or sculpting a Hulk hand out of Rice Krispy Treats before covering with fondant and painting it to give extra depth, I place a lot of focus on every intricate detail.  Most importantly, the entire time I’m working, I have the end product in mind.

Ready to Be Served

God paid even more attention when making you.  He had the end product in mind.  He designed you to serve a purpose, and he made sure you were equipped with all the right ingredients you would need in order to become that final product he intended you to be.  Every intricate detail inside of you was well thought out, and God took special care in giving you the qualities and talents he gave you because he knew they would be necessary in the future. 

Then, he focused on the outer design: your hair, your nose, your ears, your eyes, etc.  Every part of your being was planned by him.  You were not just thrown together.  You were fearfully and wonderfully made, and every party of your design is absolutely perfect. 

Remember that before putting yourself down when you somehow feel like you don’t compare to the person next to you.  Don’t compare.  You are two different people.  The person next to you was fearfully and wonderfully made in a way that helps them serve their purpose.  Your purpose is different, and you were made in a way that helps you fulfill your specific purpose.  God didn’t create us to compare.  He created us to use our design to work alongside the design of someone else to make something powerful.


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