Fit Friday Issue 3

Misty Fitch | Fearfully Made

Last week I talked about motivation and how important it is to get motivated to be fit; whether that means eating healthy, exercising, or lowering your stress levels.  So far, I’ve talked only about exercise, and I want to continue with that today.

We are all motivated by something different, so each of our goals will look different.  I mentioned that my motivation for actually getting up and working out is the fact that I paid for a 5K race, so the race is my actual goal.  That goal may not work for you, and putting money down for something may not be a motivator for you.  Did you come up with a goal that gets you moving?

You might remember that I also said I could never stick with working out at a gym or taking boot camps because they both felt like chores to me.  Maybe you understand that, and you…

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