Fit Friday – Issue 2

Misty Fitch | Fearfully Made

Everybody looks at exercise differently.  Some see it as a necessity to get the outcome they desire (more muscles, less weight, tone or maintain where they are) while others see it as a way of life.  How do you view exercise?

Do you see it as a chore?  I’ve always looked at exercise as a chore – something I didn’t have time to do.  Well, I never had time to do it because I viewed it as a chore!  I mean, who wants to do chores in their spare time?  Not me.

Over the years, I’ve joined gyms, taken boot camps, tried to run on my own, but nothing ever stuck.  It’s because I really wasn’t interested.  My running lasted a couple of weeks here and there, and I never felt better about myself, so I stopped.  The gym made me think of treadmills, weights, and yoga, and I…

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