Boys and Shoes

I was working on my book and trying my hardest to figure out an analogy that a 13 year old girl could relate to in the same way a 25 year old woman could.  I was stumped, and then God just spoke to me with what I have now chosen as my most favorite part of the book.  I hope you find that it speaks to you as well.

Have you ever tried on a shoe that just wasn’t the right size?  Maybe it was only a half size smaller than your own shoe size, but it was enough to make them too uncomfortable to wear.  Sure, you can wear them for a few hours, but after a while, they start to rub blisters on your heels, and your toes feel like they might literally fall off.  By the end of the day, you are ready to get them off as quickly as you can and let your feet breathe.  There’s nothing you can do about that shoe.  It’s never going to grow to be the size you need.  If you would have gotten the right size to start out with, you wouldn’t be out money, and you wouldn’t have to deal with blisters on your feet for the next few days.

I say this because people are the same way.  The earlier you realize that, the better off you will be because I’ve seen so much heartache both before and after marriage because one person is trying to change the other.  God created us all as unique individuals, and he created someone who fits you perfectly.  Don’t settle for a shoe just because it’s cute.  Get the shoe that is perfect in size.  You’ll probably find that the shoes are cuter than your old pair.  It’s the same thing for the guy you date.  Don’t settle for someone that has great looks but doesn’t fit your list, or you will be disappointed.  The relationship might be great at first, but after a while one of you will end up getting hurt.  If you wait for who God has for you, you’ll find that not only is he the perfect fit, but he also is much more attractive to you than others you’ve dated.

We’ve all done it before right?  Either we’ve tried on those super cute shoes that the store doesn’t have in our size and decide against it, or we’ve gone ahead and bought the wrong size because we couldn’t pass up the “cuteness” of the shoes.  Maybe we haven’t all done it, but I can assure you I have, and those shoes are usually worn once only to gradually get pushed farther back into the deep, dark corner of my closet.  It’s just not worth it to get something that doesn’t fit. It brings discomfort and, sometimes, downright pain.


Have you ever made a list to describe the guy that you are believing God for?  It’s such a great idea and can save you from so much heartache if you just trust that God will bless you.  So many times, though, I’ve seen girls who make a list fully intending on sticking with it only to change it here and there to make a cute guy fit the list.  By the end their list doesn’t even resemble what it was when it began.  It just doesn’t work that way, and you’re selling yourself short and maybe even thinking that you don’t deserve to end up with a person like who you described in your list.  Dear friend, thoughts like that are not thoughts of God.  Like I said yesterday, you are his princess daughter.  He wants only the best for you.  Wait patiently and be unbending on your list.  If you let yourself grow in God while somewhere – either right next door or across the world – your future husband is also growing in him, you will find yourself blessed in a way you could never have imagined!  Go ahead, girl — Make that list!


8 thoughts on “Boys and Shoes

  1. It’s funny you say that. A friend of mine directed me to create a list. It was tough to not make it fit the guy I was seeing at the time, but I wrote it. There were 25 things on my list. I couldn’t imagine anyone fitting it all. I tucked it into my journal and kept it in my memory and continued my dating journey. No one fit. But, a couple years later, I found myself attracted to this guy and wondered, how does he fit the list. He was a perfect match, all 25 things. We’ve been married almost 14 years and I’m glad I made that list.


    1. Thank you for sharing this. I hope girls read your response and believe that they are worth waiting for a man with everything on that list. I love hearing stories like this!


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