What Does the Cross Mean to You?

We wear it around our necks and on our ears. We have them on our walls at home.  For many of us, today is the day to remember the cross.

We emphasize the meaning of this weekend in our home. Our sweet little Elijah gets truly sad thinking about what Jesus did for us. If you stop and think about the reality of it, do you find yourself getting sad?

I know my blogs are usually long, but I really want to open it up to you. Share your thoughts. What does the cross mean to you personally?  Is it just something pretty you wear around your neck, or does it mean more?


2 thoughts on “What Does the Cross Mean to You?

  1. Great tie into this mornings devotional!
    To me, the cross means true salvation. I was on a very destructive path and I honestly can say that I would probably be dead from a drug overdose or worse had it not been for what Jesus did for me.
    I got pregnant with Anya at 18, just before graduation, and He used this to draw me to Him.
    I could not be the woman or mother that I am today if it wasn’t for what Jesus did for me.
    It means unconditional love. He has given me so much love through this one act that I can’t contain it, I have such a desire to show it to everyone around me! This is what I feel most compelled to teach to Anya. To show her that we should love everyone, no matter what, and show that love through acts of kindness and service.
    For me, today is a day of many emotions. Gratefulness would be the first. I am so grateful for my salvation and the power of Christ within me. Sadness. Sadness at just how much Our Jesus suffered and what He had to do so that we could receive that salvation and Power. And of course lots and lots of LOVE! I sometimes cannot believe how much He loves me when I think about how unworthy of that Love I am.
    “Oh how He loves us!”
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts Misty!
    Living for Him,


    1. That is such a sweet testimony. Thank you for sharing, and I know that other girls can relate to your story. The more you tell it, the more you’ll find that you reach girls who feel alone and like no one has ever experienced what they have. Keep telling it!


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