Picture Perfect vs. Real Life

We all do it, and I think women do it more often. We look at the lives of others through the social media lens, and we make comparisons. -Look where they went on vacation. I wish I could afford that. -Wow! They ate at that expensive restaurant. I wish my husband would take me to … More Picture Perfect vs. Real Life


The Thing No One Wants to Talk About After Remarrying

As Matt and I have been connecting with more and more couples who are blending families, we’ve noticed an obstacle that no one wants to talk about but almost everyone has faced. If you are remarried, you may have found yourself thinking about the good times in your past marriage or relationship – especially if … More The Thing No One Wants to Talk About After Remarrying

Sex and Candy

A few weeks ago I wrote Excuse Me While I Step On Toes, which explained my reasons for believing teens should not date. This one is directed to all of us who are parents. I’ll begin with my same statement from last time: Children, tweens and teens should not date. We all know teenagers have … More Sex and Candy