Say NO to Normal

This post started one way and took me somewhere completely different by the end.  It all started with a picture (see Picture 1 below).  Somehow wanting to reflect on what it said about “my world” turned into writing about a sneeze and ended by me asking you to join me in starting a movement. My … More Say NO to Normal

Your Child on Display – What if the Tables Were Turned?

As someone who always struggled with insecurities, I decided from even before Day 1 that disciplining my children would be done in private.  With 2 kids I try my best to correct them separately from one another.  Do I follow through with that philosophy 100% of the time?  Absolutely not.  I fail just like anyone … More Your Child on Display – What if the Tables Were Turned?

Culture vs. Scripture

Discipline, consequences, submission, and authority have become negative words in today’s culture.  If you lower yourself to be submissive to someone, you are weak according to culture.  Parents no longer are authority figures in popular cultures, so discipline and consequences are becoming obsolete.  In the classroom, I notice that my high school students determine what … More Culture vs. Scripture