Strange Dreams Last Night

My friends and family know me as the person with the dreams. I truly believe God speaks to me often in my dreams. Sometimes they’re strange dreams that have to be deciphered like Joseph, and sometimes they’re clear as day. We are all given different spiritual gifts, but I didn’t understand this to be one until I was a young adult.

Let me preface by saying I absolutely respect anyone who serves our country, so please understand when I say I do not have a burden for our military or politics I’m not saying I don’t respect these things. I simply am not burdened with these things to the point I think about them, talk about them, feel a need to be in constant prayer for them, or cry for them. I do have burdens like this for other things, but this is not one. It does not mean I don’t respect or care. 

It’s important you know this before you read the rest because this was very much not typical for me.

Dream 1

Last night I dreamed about veterans – more than once. It’s strange because I’m not one who thinks about things like that – ever – and I hadn’t watched, read, or listened to anything on this topic. I actually had a couple of dreams that were the same but included different people. For some reason I feel the urge to write about it.

The first one was an event someone was having, and I somehow was a part of hosting or helping out in some way. If I wasn’t there to help, I took it upon myself to help because no one else was around. I walked into the room and an elderly man wearing a light blue collared shirt with a navy blue hat (pointed at front and back) was sitting alone while a video was playing on a huge screen the size of the wall. He was struggling to stand up, and I could hear him mumbling to himself about how no one cares about him and what he’s done and how there just isn’t any respect for our country anymore. 

It seemed like this event was something to recognize or celebrate him as one of our veterans. There was no one there hosting and no one attending. It was just the two of us in this room.

He slowly walked over to a bowl of small US flag pins, clearly flustered as he started to pin it on himself. I went to him and (gently) took the pin from his hand and pinned it on him. I assume this was a part of the ceremony. I apologized to him for everything – the lack of respect and recognition, and I hugged him. This is not something I would do because I’m weird with hugs especially when it involves strangers.

We stood together watching the video and he silently cried. 

Dream 2

My next dream involved 2 people: a (different) man and a woman. These two were a little younger than the elderly man before. Maybe they were the next generation down and probably my parents’ ages. They were in the same room as in dream 1. I was trying to get there early because I recognized the room from my first dream and knew there would be people wanting to be recognized and celebrated, and I didn’t know if someone would be taking care of everything this time around. I didn’t want them to wait.

I still didn’t get there before these two people, and I could hear the woman complaining about the very same thing the other man had been complaining about before. The woman was my focus in this dream.

The same video was going, and they were about to leave because they were frustrated. I ran in and asked them to stay. Then, I went over to the bowl to get pins for them, but the bowl wasn’t there. I was frantically looking everywhere for it but couldn’t find it, and the woman was getting more frustrated. I finally went over to her and just started bawling and hugging her, thanking her, and apologizing to her. 

We stood there together, my arm around her, and we watched the video together.

I have no idea why I had these dreams, but I do feel like they’re significant. If I was someone who paid attention to politics or carried a burden for our soldiers and veterans, I could understand it a little better, but unfortunately that’s just not my wiring. I am thankful for these people, but it’s not the area I feel a heavy burden. 

Regardless of what the significance was of this dream, today I do feel a heaviness. Today I feel we need to pray for our country and for every single person who has served, who currently is serving, or who will in the future serve our country in any branch of the military.

I know this is a very different post than you’re used to with me, but I really felt this was something to be shared.


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