Don’t Let the Pictures Fool You

I am always posting pictures on social media. My friends and family get to see pictures of our school, my kids being silly, food, and everything in between. But here’s the reality of it. The picture above is what a <good> work day looks like for me. I say good because things are actually somewhat clean and organized in my work area. Usually, there are two kids working with me at this table, and things are strewn everywhere.

Real life of working from home and having school from home is rarely ever pretty, rarely runs smoothly, and sometimes gets tense. It’s hard to see that from my pictures and posts because that’s definitely not what I want to highlight. Instead, I highlight the cool projects or funny study habits of my kiddos.

So today, I did get my teeth brushed, but I did nothing else before getting into “work mode.” In my pjs with zero makeup or even running a brush through my hair, I went upstairs to get to work – and at least my teeth were brushed. I can’t say so much for my kiddos at the moment.

I  wrote on the school board what the kids were to do for the day, and then I sat down to make my own to do list, which has grown as the day has progressed, and I have only completed 2 things. Yes, I have sat here for 4 hours, and I’ve completed 2 simple things on my long to do list that keeps wanting to grow. This is real life. This is not what’s shown in my highlights.

In the middle of the first thing on my list, one kid needed me to give her a spelling test because that’s all she had left for the day. So I stopped and did it. Then I graded it. Once I started back with the first thing on my list, my computer decided it was time to update for some reason. Please do not shut down your computer while it is updating. Step 3 of 9 complete . . . for at least 30 minutes it stayed on step 3. So, I grabbed the other computer to begin working on to-do #1. *This is what you see in the photo above.*

Finally, I was ready to get back to it. Just as I got everything opened and ready to go, I heard, “Mom, are you using the computer because I need it for this assignment?”

Well, I was, but I’ll just sit here and wait on mine to finish updating. It’s at least on step 7 now. After about 15 more minutes, it was restarting, and I finally was going to get back to the first thing on my list. Just as I got started, my son then needed me to connect the printer to the computer he was on so he could print his work. Come to find out it was nothing for school but instead, it was a few thank yous from last week (see post Twenty One Pilots, Childlike Faith, and Answered Prayers).

It is now almost 1:00. I’ve completed 2 things. I’m still in my pjs with no makeup or hair brushed. My children have still not brushed their teeth, and I have no idea what they actually ate for lunch. One kid is finished with school for the day while the other hasn’t even started on yesterday’s work. Dear Jesus, help me survive this day.

For those of you who think it’s easy to work from home or homeschool children, let me be the first to say Negative Ghostrider. It’s daunting. It’s stressful. It’s sometimes frustrating. But it’s absolutely wonderful at the same time. I’m so thankful because I know this is what I’m supposed to do. When I feel overwhelmed, defeated, and stressed out, God always reminds me that this is such a precious time for me to be able to love on my kids and serve my family.

Next time you see my posts or pictures, please understand behind the camera (phone in my case) is likely someone who hasn’t gotten dressed for the day and almost certainly allowed my kids to have Ramen and Spaghetti-Ohs for lunch, and more than likely I’ve already yelled a few times.

It’s life.

It’s real.

Don’t let the pictures fool you.

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