Twenty One Pilots, Childlike Faith, and Answered Prayers

The faith of a child . . . I have heard that phrase so often, and although there is nothing in scripture instructing us to have faith like a child, there are several mentions of making ourselves like a child. I believe that means reminding ourselves we are dependent on our Daddy God for all of our needs and trusting that what he says is true. I believe that’s where the term “childlike faith” came from.

My soon to be teen has always had what I call an anointing on him. From a very early age he has prayed, and things happen. When he was 3 he prayed one morning for God to give him a motorcycle. That same day we were given a Harley Davidson replica ride on motorcycle. It was awesome, and he drove it all around the neighborhood. I couldn’t believe how he literally prayed for a motorcycle and was given one within hours of that prayer!

After that, I always included him in praying for anything big in our lives. You better believe we had him praying for a younger sibling when I was having all kinds of health complications and was told I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant again without medical help (and yes a sister eventually came along).

My boy who has always been full of faith has already accumulated many bumps, bruises, and deep wounds along the way causing him to lose a lot of that faith and become hardened and angry at people, and as much as I hate to even voice it, angry at God.

I’ve prayed so often over his heart. “Please, Jesus, grab hold of his heart and soften it again. Remind him he’s yours in a way I could never do.”

Twenty One Pilots and Answered Prayers

Rewind back a couple of years ago, and my son started really getting into rapping. He was pretty good, but he was also just starting to try a go at it. His first attempt was going to be a Twenty One Pilots (TOP) song, Ride, for the 5th grade talent show. After lots of mom-son moments, I finally convinced him to start with something a little easier since it was his first time in front of people.

But he was determined. He took care of his talent show, and he blew me away with a different song by a different performer, but then he focused in on Ride and sure enough, he got it down like it was his own.

This year, he has been on a TOP kick, and for I don’t know how many months it’s been TOP pretty much 24/7 in our home. I even know most of the songs now. He loves TOP so much, that he was Josh Dun (TOP drummer) for Halloween.

My sweet boy has talked about wanting to go to the show, but we just couldn’t fit it in our budget, and he understood. He never whined about it. He never begged to let him go. He just said he understood but wished he could.

And then, without mentioning it to any of us, he started praying. My son who had all but lost faith in God started praying fervently to be able to go to this show. Maybe that’s why, for the first time, he didn’t whine and beg when I told him we couldn’t do it. Maybe he had faith God was going to do what he always seems to do despite the fact that we’ve instilled in him that our prayers are for God’s will not for our wants. I don’t know all the details, but I know he prayed for a couple of weeks to be able to attend this show.

Out of nowhere, I received a message last weekend that someone incredibly special wanted to give us tickets to last night’s show.

Y’all . . .

No words. I kept saying, “Is this for real? Are you serious?”

But then . . .

But then we were told we would also be able to visit with Josh after the show.

Y’all . . .

What is going on here? I cried. My son cried. I couldn’t believe what was happening. It was after this news that he revealed he had been praying to go to the show.

But what my ears heard – My boy just got a little of his faith back. This, of course, brought forth more tears from me, but for an entirely different reason.

Then . . .

I learn there’s another special person who would be there with Josh – the absolutely beautiful Debby Ryan.

Y’ALL . . .

I was seeing God at work right then and there. I had been praying for him to grab my baby’s heart and remind him of how much he is loved, and God was doing that very thing. For some reason, my son started praying, and I honestly don’t know if that’s something he does very often anymore.

And God blew him away!

We had an amazing opportunity to talk one-on-one on our drive to the show. I talked to him about how I know he’s been angry at God and feeling like he’s not there sometimes because of certain circumstances in his life. I was able to talk to him about how he has an anointing on him that God wants to use, and God listens to his prayers, and things just happen. I was able to talk to him about how God misses the relationship that used to be so close but has been very distant lately. And then I told him that God loves him so much, he not only gave him exactly what he asked for, but he kept piling on all the things to go way beyond what he imagined could have even happened last night. I reminded him that the only way that happened was because of God. It had nothing to do with me or my husband. It was my own prayer being answered – Remind him he’s yours in a way I can’t.

I saw my son’s countenance change. It was like a dark cloud just rose up off of him, and there was a true and immediate change come over him.

Through something so unimportant, God moved.

Y’all . . .

God moves. He is real. He loves his children. He wants closeness, and it saddens him when we distance ourselves from him.

I say all of this to say, let God move in you. Let God love on you. If you’re angry, tell him, but don’t sit in that anger. Let him take it away from you. He wants to do great things in you, and while you may not receive a gift like this, you will definitely receive the blessings God knows you need and sometimes he’ll include things you simply want.

*Not sure if you all will read this or not – but to those who made this possible, there are no words to express my gratitude. Thank you so much.*

Please enjoy the story through pictures below.

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And here he is as “Blurry Face” Josh for Halloween

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