Just Go With It

Last year I wrote about the reality of the perfect Mother’s Day picture and how reality is sometimes very different from what  we show in our pictures. What a difference a year makes. . .

This year, for me, Mother’s Day started on Saturday. We had 1 kid with a double header, 1 taking dance recital photos, and another serving at church that evening while my husband and I were also serving. It was a busy day to say the least, and we were scattered everywhere with my bio kids staying with us and bonus kids staying with their mom.

Usually, I have one thing in mind going into service on this day – the picture. However, I learned a lesson after last year. I learned the picture is not what’s important, and if I’m spending time focusing on getting that picture, I end up missing out on all the special moments that are more lasting for my family.

This year, I honestly didn’t even think about a picture until we walked up to the church and saw the photo op area with no one there. My daughter and I tried to get a quick picture before running in, but between the wind and the sun, I don’t know that we got anything where our eyes were actually open or hair not in our faces.

But we had fun and lots of laughs.

After service, I received 2 flowers and 2 handmade cards the kids made in their class at church. The little man surprised me because of how much he wrote on his card. Both were special, but that one hit me a little harder because he’s at that age where he doesn’t express his feelings, and let’s face it, he’s a preteen boy.

After service, we decided to try a picture with the 3 of us. They were . . . interesting. Little man kept saying the sun was blinding him, which turned into some great pictures. He’s not in a bad mood. He’s not screaming. He’s not being disrespectful. He was being silly.

And we had fun and lots of laughs.

Baby girl has some kind of possessed look, and I can’t NOT include that picture in this post. We had hair in our faces, and I don’t know that we ever had one with all our eyes completely opened . . .

But we had fun and lots of laughs.

For two days my son had been telling me I wouldn’t be able to go upstairs to wake him up this morning because he had a surprise, so my husband was instructed to be the one to wake him. That also meant I couldn’t go upstairs to tuck my kiddos in last night, and I took full advantage and jumped in the bed. The kiddos and my husband all snuggled up with me and watched tv for a bit before kisses and hugs good night, and I actually got to be the first to go to bed last night . . . although I was the last to actually fall asleep.

I woke up this morning to breakfast my son so thoughtfully put together for me, and then he and I left to serve at church while my husband and daughter stayed home asleep until a later service.

Everything was running smoothly until at one point, I saw my son across the busy foyer trying to dodge people to get to me while holding something up in his hand and saying something I couldn’t make out. When he was right in front of my face, I notice a little blood on his hand, and then I was able to hear what he was telling me.

“My molar just came out when I was eating a jolly rancher. I thought a piece of the candy broke off, but something felt weird, so I spit it out, and it was my tooth! It’s my molar. Is that okay?” *first molar lost*

I’m writing this, and it’s only 10:00 AM. We have a whole day left. I’m not worrying about the picture we didn’t get. I’m not worrying about showing social media what a perfect day it has been. Instead I’m enjoying the surprises, chaos, messiness, hugs, kisses, and snuggles that God allows me to experience as a mom.

If I’ve learned anything in this past year, it’s to just go with it. If you allow yourself to laugh at those little unplanned, imperfect things, you’ll find you are filled with much more joy, and your family will feel the effects of it. Let’s not teach our kids that perfection is the only thing that’s acceptable. Let’s not FREAK OUT if we don’t get that perfect picture or perfect birthday party or perfect outfit or if someone accidentally spills something all over themselves . . . or you. Let’s teach our kids to enjoy those moments and laugh at themselves when things like that happen.

And if you take a picture, and it looks nothing like what you imagined, just go with it and laugh about it. What a memory you’re making with your children! I think the pictures below might be my favorites from all the years. They make me smile and even laugh a little when I look at them. And we will share the story of this day when we look back at them in the future.

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2 thoughts on “Just Go With It

  1. What a beautiful share and I 100% agree. Thank you so much for this. Yesterday, I sat home with my newborn son and watched his precious face as he nursed and slept and it was the best thing in the whole wide world. We are a blended family with “bonus” (love it) children that are miles away and we talked and shared via FaceTime and the day was simply magical.


    1. You are so welcome, and what a Mother’s Day it sounds like you had yesterday!! I saw my bonus kiddos for about a minute at church yesterday, but they surprised me with a gift they chose to get on their own and picked out on their own. That was a first, and it made my day!


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