Hide the Words in Your Heart

Memorizing scripture is what many of us learn to do from an early age. When I was a teenager I questioned why we were always memorizing verses but not really doing anything with them other than having contests to see who could recite the most verses from memory.

It wasn’t until I was older that I realized the importance of doing this. All throughout the bible, we are told how vital it is to know the word and live by the word. It is through reading over and again that we are able to memorize the word and truly hide it in our hearts like David talked about in Psalm 119:11.

In today’s world, it seems we Christians are always fighting for our faith. So many people want to rid the world of anything resembling Christianity, and there are already countries where it is illegal to read from a bible. By memorizing scripture and hiding those words in your heart, no one can ever take your bible away.

Click the link below to read more about a pastor in China who was imprisoned and how the scriptures he memorized as a young adult helped him stay sane and kept his faith strong.

Freedom to Memorize Scripture


3 thoughts on “Hide the Words in Your Heart

  1. What I learned about memorizing verses is when I need it in a moment I can recite it and peace comes immediately. Think about it there will be times when we will not have our bibles with us and you need a word. So knowing the verse helps allot.


    1. Absolutely! In moments of crisis or just moments of feeling like I’m about to lose control of myself, I can find scripture that I’ve stored away to help me get through those moments.

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