Series of Unfortunate Events

Everything you are about to read is true. Names have not been changed for anyone’s protection. . .


As I grabbed my absolute favorite pair of shoes this morning, the same ones I wear literally almost every day whether rain or shine, I had a random thought.

Why can’t I find another pair of shoes like these?

I have had these strappy sandal wedges for so many years that I can’t remember if I got them before or after my soon to be 2nd grader was born – don’t judge. I have looked high and low over the years for another pair that’s similar, but I have yet to find anything that compares . . . and they are SO COMFORTABLE! Believe it or not, I got them from Payless and paid next to nothing for them.

I digress.

It’s strange that this thought popped into my head because of how often I wear them and have never before given any thought to them when I’ve hurriedly thrown them on. I probably wouldn’t have remembered that I had that thought today if it weren’t for the events that took place just 15 minutes ago.

I had just enough time to get back into the building, grab some things from my classroom and go relieve a fellow teacher so he could have his lunch. I parked next to a curb, so when I got out of my car, I had to step into the grass and walk toward the front of my car before I could get back on the concrete of the parking lot. Stay with me . . . there’s a reason for all this.

Right when I stepped one foot back down to the concrete and attempted to bring the other one with it, something wasn’t letting me. When I tried to see what was going on, whatever had a grip on my foot decided to let go, and I went tumbling.

So here’s the interesting part. Not only did I take a tumble, but I was lucky enough not to hit the ground, which could have been bad since I am wearing a dress today. Instead, the car parked in front of me stopped my fall. Whew. Thank goodness for that. However, before I could turn to see what grabbed hold of my foot, I heard someone asking if I was okay.

How embarrassing that someone witnessed this moment that was quite embarrassing, albeit humorous for the onlooker, I imagine. The sinking feeling came when I looked up to see the voice coming from a man getting out of his car – yes, the car that just saved me from my fall! How is it that this car of all cars in the parking lot was occupied by its owner? THEN, not only did the owner witness me falling into the back of his car, but he is also someone I had met last year at a Life Changer of the Year event, and he immediately recognized me from the event. Great!

But then it happened – the worst part of the story. While telling him I was okay and apologizing profusely for falling into his car, I saw it. My shoe . . . it was . . . broken! The culprit – a long metal something sticking about 4 inches out of the ground. This is where I would place numerous emojis with tears flooding down the face if I were writing this in a text.loudly-crying-face My absolute favorite strappy sandal wedge that I wear to work, to church, on dates, or pretty much anywhere that I’m not wearing tennis shoes are broken, and my heart is breaking right along with it.b7c850f0aff57c2c5867ff0955876356

Okay, but seriously . . . my heart isn’t broken. I’ll survive. I’m sad about my shoe, but more than anything I thought I would share in case some of you are having a bad day and need a little real life pick me up. Sometimes I think God just needs a little entertainment. Glad I could provide that today.


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