FINALLY!!! Jewel of Light is About to Make Her Appearance!!!

Front Cover
Front Cover
Okay friends. I know I’ve been saying it over and over again, but wow! I had no idea how much work goes into children’s book publishing.
FINALLY! And for real . . . FINALLY! Jewel of Light has been sent to publishing!
That means it will be ready for purchase in just a few days unless there are changes to be made!!! Can you HEAR my excitement? *prayers there aren’t changes to be made*
Once I get the go ahead, I will hold VIP pre-order sales a few days before they hit the shelves. This will be a ONE TIME only sale with the opportunity to purchase the book at a substantial discount. This is just in time for Christmas!

This sale will only last 48 hours. If you are interested in getting notification when the sale goes on, please make sure you have subscribed to receive my updates (there should be an option to the right of your screen for the option to subscribe).

For right now, enjoy a couple of “sneak peak” pages. Insurmountable thanks goes out to Charla Marion Pavlik for her amazing artwork!

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