The Love of Your Life Always Makes YOU Priority

Misty Fitch | Fearfully Made

Why can’t life be just like the movies?  I’m not much of a movie watcher, and chick flicks aren’t typically how I prefer to spend 2 hours of my life, but I’ve seen them before.  In pretty much all of them, the guy is perfect.  He’s cute, kind, genuine, and he wants nothing more than to make his girl feel like the most special girl in the world.  Even better—he succeeds. 

He drops everything for her and treats her like more than a queen.  The thought of not being near her is too much for him to bear.  He has an elaborate proposal planned with the perfect ring; she says yes; they get married with an extravagant ceremony; money is never an issue; his priorities never change throughout their marriage.  He loves her so much that he lives to bring her joy, and she never feels inadequate in any way. …

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