WARNING: May Not Be Suitable for All Audiences


I’m going to just say it, and I may or may not step on toes. . . . I had absolutely no idea about this particular movie that is coming out this weekend except for the fact my Facebook newsfeed is filled with those talking about how horrible and wrong it is.  Furthermore, I have no idea what the book/movie is about except for the horrible/wrong things that have been specified by those who are posting against it.

There’s something wrong with this picture when the only way I’ve learned anything about this book/movie has come from those who are trying to get people to turn away from it.  I probably would have never been introduced to it in the first place if it weren’t for posts like these.

And the media and “worldly” people THRIVE on controversial subjects, which makes me think the more you push to “steer clear” of such “Godless” material,  the more you are actually piquing people’s interest.

I won’t lie, because of what I keep seeing come across my newsfeed, it makes me curious to know what it’s all about.  I hate that my curiosity arises from my own brothers and sisters in Christ.  I can see how these posts can easily cause your brothers and sisters to stumble.

Friends, I ask that you please think -and pray- before posting these things.  Think about it.  Do you have children?  Do you have a preteen or teen child?  Are they on Facebook?  Are they friends of yours on Facebook?  Then, YOU are opening their eyes to this where they may or may not have seen or heard of it before.  It’s completely understandable to talk to people about your reasons for disagreeing with this particular movie if they have first brought it up, but for those who haven’t brought it up (including your own children), it might very well be because they don’t even know anything about it, which means YOU are the one responsible for opening their eyes to this world you’re condemning.

I’m not speaking on either side of this book or movie because I seriously know nothing about it, so I can’t take a stance nor do I wish to learn more about it and take a stance.  I just hate that it has been my own friends who introduced me to it in the first place.  I know it was unintentional, but I think it’s that we get so passionate about what we believe and where we stand on things, that we jump at the opportunity to voice that stance without thinking of how it might be harming the ones we’re trying to help.


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