LifeChanger — Who Me?


Wow!  What an exciting time in my life! I don’t even know where to begin.

First Thing’s First

I have to announce that my newest book, Jewel of Light, is so very close to being in your hands, and I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve who is too excited to go to sleep!  In the next week or two I will reveal the cover in a post, and I will begin taking preorders.

***FYI*** The cover will first be revealed to my Facebook audience, so if you haven’t LIKED the page, go ahead and do that so you can be the first to know. facebook-like-512  I will also be running a few contests for people to receive the book for FREE, and this will all be on my Facebook page.  What are you waiting for?  Click it   facebook-like-512

An Honor

A few weeks ago I received an email saying,

“We wanted to say congratulations one more time! As you already know, you have been nominated by someone in your community for National Life Group’s 2014-2015 LifeChanger of the Year award.”

My thought was, “This is the first I’ve heard about it, and what in the world is it?”  I just assumed it was spam, but I responded anyway and asked.  Apparently they had sent a message out when our district’s server had crashed, so I didn’t receive it.  It was (is) real!

Someone thought enough of me that I was nominated for this award, and I can’t even explain how honored I feel.  I want so badly to make an impact on people’s lives – change lives.  By giving my name for this award, someone is saying that I have impacted life in some positive way.  There are no words to express the feeling I get from this.

Please check out the nomination here at 2015 LifeChanger of the Year Nominee, Misty GatlinPlease, leave a comment on my nomination page as I believe it’s part of what they look at to determine the Top Ten Life Changers. 

In the News

Yesterday I received an email from someone with our local newspaper.  She had received word of this nomination and wanted to write an article about it.  Schedules got hectic, and I found out this morning that she would be here today rather than tomorrow as scheduled!  Remember how I said God has the coolest timing?  Well, she came at an incredibly hectic, but exciting and perfect time.

I had a student from 2 years ago who had just walked in my room to visit.  I wanted to visit so badly, but I also just had a student complete his final two classes (both were classes I teach), and I had to average his grades and complete a credit slip for him so he could graduate!

So in the middle of me getting grades and trying to catch up with this student I hadn’t seen in forever, the woman from the paper came in.  Just as we started the interview, the music began to play throughout our campus.  This music tells us that a student has graduated and is about to walk.  When we hear it, we all come out from our classes to line up on the sides of the hallway to cheer on the student who just finished his or her high school career.

While we have graduation just like any other high school, this is something we do to celebrate each graduate the moment they finish.  Their family is invited to come to the school, they put on their cap and gown, and they walk down the hall where our principal meets them and says a few words about them.  Then, they take pictures with the principal and their advisory teacher, and it’s just a really cool experience – just another reason I love where I teach . . . and this all happened while the reporter was here to interview me.  She got to be a part of this wonderful experience.

Timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Today I am walking on clouds because things have just been so exciting.  God has blessed me in more ways than I could have ever asked for.

I want to say thank you to whomever nominated me for this award, and I want to say thank you to those who have allowed me into their lives, and I do hope to some extent I have inspired or encouraged each and every one of you.

Below you will find links that take you inside of who I am and where my heart is whether it’s as a teacher, mentor, mom, coach, or leader of any sort.

One of my favorites: Confessions of a High School Spanish Teacher

Absolutely Perfect Imperfection 

Hey There, Beautiful

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