Absolutely Perfect Imperfection

Imperfect me. . . and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Misty Fitch | Fearfully Made

What I Know . . .

What I Know . . .  

It’s interesting how a person can live half of a lifetime having no idea who she truly is because she’s too busy focusing on the needs and wants of others that she loses focus of herself for fear of being selfish. I’m 36 years old, yet I’ve only recently discovered myself.   I think some things I’ve discovered have been there forever, but I didn’t feel they were important enough to let them be made known. Some of them I thought to be too insignificant making me question how selfish I really am. Others have remained hidden until now.

Of these things I am certain:

I am beautiful.

I am whole.

I’ve been broken, but I’ve never been destroyed.

Because of my God, I am pure.

I am a mommy who loves my babies with every fiber of my being.

I am a daughter who…

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