RE: The Importance of a Good Man

I stumbled upon this little post recently, and I love it. This is the same thing I’ve written about on here for years, but she says it in a different way that I hope speaks to all of you.

Happy Friday, and have a safe and wonderful weekend!

2 thoughts on “RE: The Importance of a Good Man

  1. Thanks for re-blogging this Misty, else I wouldn’t have seen it. I posted comments on the original, but I’ll throw them up here, if welcome:

    Great advice about holding out for someone special. For me personally, this is about waiting for God’s will in my life. Attraction, like you say, is a very subjective thing, and for me it is not merely a thing of physical beauty, though that does play a role. I have my own “list” of sorts, not on paper or pdf, but simply standards that I do in fact “judge” women by — not in a negative way, but through the lens of how scripture defines a godly woman, and from what I know I’ve failed with in the past. You make a great point that everyone should have a chance and that our past mistakes should not define our sense of entitlement with regard to future relationships. It does prove wise, though, to recognize characteristics in others that we know are not compatible with ourselves — if for nothing more than to save that person the heartache of investing their time and emotions with us, knowing all to well it probably won’t work out on account of differences.

    For me personally, the attraction goes much deeper than finding a “good” person, who fits a “good” list of traits. It goes to the heart of Christ. Does she have the qualities of a biblical woman? Does she fear God? If so, then her qualities will shine brightly because of that. And if she is lacking in some areas, I’d much rather have a woman who burns dinner occasionally, yet fears God, and tries to please Him every day she wakes.


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