7 Days Outside of My Comfort Zone: Day 5.5

I know I was supposed to have Day 6 up this morning, but let me be completely honest about it.  It took me forever to even start writing because I had no idea which direction to go.  I decided to just write and see where it took me, so I wrote.  I wrote, and then I wrote even more, and 2000 words later, I realized it was not only way too long for a blog post, but it wasn’t me letting God lead me in my words.

So I’m calling today Day 5.5 because Day 6 will be posted first thing in the morning.  I hope you understand, and thank you all for reading over these past few days as you have.  I’m so incredibly greatful for all of you who take the time to read anything I write.

Have a blessed Wednesday, and tomorrow you will see a full Day 6 post.


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