You Are a Threat

Walk by faith

God started speaking to me in my sleep last night and woke me up an hour early to talk some more.  I love those moments.  During this time spent quietly listening and not talking or writing, a plan was unveiled to me.  Once I got up to face the day, I realized I am about to take a big step in a scary direction.  I know those steps are guided, but that doesn’t mean I’m not nervous about it.  To be honest, I’m downright scared.

I’ve always heard fear and faith can’t coexist, and I’ve said that myself so many times to people seeking guidance in their lives.  I’ve come to learn, though, that this philosophy isn’t completely accurate.  Yes, fear is the opposite of faith, but both can exist within us at the same time.

My flesh has fear to do some of the things God has told me to do including taking this particular step.  However, my faith is strong, and I know that with God guiding my steps he will take care of me.  So yes, I currently have fear residing within me, but I will not allow that fear to speak louder than my faith, and I will take these next steps with much caution and prayer.

Is there something you’ve felt you should do, but you’ve allowed the fear to be stronger than the faith?  Just remember if God is the one telling you to do something that may even seem completely illogical, he will also protect you as you take the steps toward it, and he will greatly bless you in the end.

Understand that just because your steps are guided it doesn’t mean you won’t face difficulties.  Actually, be prepared to face obstacles because anytime you follow God’s plan and go against what your flesh wants, the enemy sees you more as a threat to him and his plans and will certainly send obstacles your way.  Don’t ever forget that the battle was won long ago, and the same God who won that battle is the one walking hand-in-hand with you.  Go ahead.  Take the first step.  It’s the hardest one to take, but it’s also as simple as putting one foot in front of the other.  You can do it!


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