What Powers Do You Hold?

As my son has just turned 8, I felt the need to go back to this post. It seems like I had this conversation with him just a few months ago. Time sure does fly. Have you figured out what Superhero Power you hold? Did you realize you have the power to be a superhero?

Misty Fitch | Fearfully Made


I love how life brings ideas for posts!  Recently I was praying for my son and for him to be able to understand the leadership power he was given.  Leadership power.  That phrase seemed as if it jumped right off the page for me.

It doesn’t matter your age, ethnicity, gender, family, or decisions you made in your past; you were created with a purpose – a power, if you will.  If you are reading this right now, then I want you to understand that you were not excluded when God was passing out plans for everyone.  🙂

My son is really into superheroes.  He’s never watched anything on tv about them, and I don’t know that he’s even read anything about him.  He’s a boy, though, and somehow boys eventually learn what a superhero is.  Boys dream of being superheroes just like girls dream of being princesses. …

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