Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the precious m

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the precious moments with friends & family. #thanksgiving #givethanks #fearfullymade http://ow.ly/i/3NWmA

Have you ever wondered what this REALLY

Have you ever wondered what this REALLY is? Everyone can find themselves at times fitting into several of these situations, feelings, etc. But someone suffering from ADD/ADHD finds themselves fitting into almost all of these and at almost ALL times.
I once had someone mention that my day without meds was no different than a day for her as a single mom with 5 children. Think about that. Someone who is single with 5 children is what it’s like for me by myself. . . all the time. . .every day. Don’t discount what’s going on inside the brain of an individual with ADD or ADHD. You know how the room looks when you’ve had a sleepover with lots of kids? You’ve probably even said something along the lines, “This place looks like a tornado hit it. You need to clean it up.” Well, that’s what the brain of someone with ADD & ADHD looks like. . . ALL THE TIME, and it’s hard to figure out what to place where.
The “average” individual can easily organize his thoughts or even his actions. I can’t. I have to intentionally think through HOW to do my job that I’ve done every day for more than 10 years. I have to intentionally think through how to clean my home. I have to take longer to write something I want to say so I can say it correctly & in a way that makes sense to everyone else. I’ve had issues with family members who push me to have a long important conversation late at night and don’t understand why I just can’t. Late at night is the worst time to try to talk about important issues with someone who’s brain has probably worked more in that day than most people’s do in a week. It needs rest. I can think through my thoughts and organize them better if I can write them down rather than speak. http://ow.ly/qVTpV

This is exactly where I am today, and I

This is exactly where I am today, and I literally teared up as I read this — especially when i got to the final paragraph. As a person who medicates my own ADHD, I struggle with the decision of whether or not to medicate my ADHD child. There’s a stigma-people say ADHD is an excuse for parents who don’t want to discipline their children. They say medication is an easy way out for the lazy parent. Some of my own family says these same words to me. This is not always the case, and so many parents struggle with this decision.

With my head hung in shame, I will admit right now that I was one of those people. I have said those very things about ADHD and parents who medicate. I was so wrong, and I feel so much shame for thinking that way. Even though I never vocalized my thoughts, I still have specific students and parents who come to mind when I think of this, and I almost want to apologize (even though they had no idea what I was thinking).

Take a look at another mom’s struggle to decide if medication was the right avenue for her daughter. http://ow.ly/qRN6J