Too Broken for God

Worship messiah.eduTalking with a friend this morning, a fire really started burning inside of me as it often does when I dive into the subject of worship and encountering that closeness with God.  Last night, we had a night of worship at church, and those nights just ignite something in me and move me in a way that I can’t explain.

The songs speak to me.  I allow myself to relish in the presence of God while the music is playing.  Have you ever just been touched by a song so deeply that you’re brought to tears?  It may not even be worship music.  It might be a song on the radio that brings forth a plethora of memories.  Not everyone relates to music on that level, but for me, music does that very thing.  Worship time for me is more than just singing or listening to others sing.  It’s an experience.  It’s my personal time with a dear friend who wants nothing more than to love on me.

Yes, I know this sounds insane to some people, but this is me, and this is what I said to my friend this morning.  I’m passionate about EVERYTHING.  I keep things like this inside because I don’t want to scare people away who believe differently than I do, but at the same time if I could somehow show everyone what having a relationship with God is really about, then I want to because it’s not about legalistic rules and rights and wrongs.  Yes, we are to desire to walk a right path, but who God is has been so skewed throughout the years that he’s been made out to be someone who doesn’t love us and focuses all his time on all of the wrongs we’ve done. 

That’s not what God is about.  He’s about a relationship.  He wants to have a relationship with us.  Of course, he wants us to make the right choices, but he doesn’t throw a ball of fury into our lives and then turn his back on us when we mess up.  He already knows we’re going to mess up.  He looks more at the fact our hearts don’t want to mess up than us actually messing up. 

I Don’t Belong

There’s a song that spoke to me so deeply during this time of worship.  I can’t find an audio anywhere, but I searched for it, and it appears to be called Seven and by Common Ground Worship. 

There are so many times I’ve heard people say (and even had these thoughts myself) that they’ve just messed up too much to be able to go to God for anything.  They think they don’t have a right to enter into his presence.  They think they have no right to ask for forgiveness in something they intentionally did wrong. 

I’ve said before, these are lies straight from the enemy.  God says, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).  He didn’t say, “Come to me, all you who are living perfectly blameless lives in order for me to love you.”  We are absolutely unworthy to enter into his presence.  We are so hurt and broken we don’t belong, but Praise God!  He STILL wants to be near us and love on us in a way only he can.

Your glory hovers like a cloud in this place
Your fragrance, like an incense, intoxicates me
Your radiance is blinding, but so inviting
Your love endures forever, oh forever

You desire my song
I’m so unworthy to cry out to You
You meet me where I don’t belong
You ask no questions, and embrace me as Your own
God wants to spend quality time with you, and I promise once you have that first real encounter with him – when you truly allow that to happen – you’ll never want to leave that moment.  I promise you will forever be changed.  You are NOT too broken to spend time with God.  He loves you where you are.  Let yourself encounter him and be forever changed.

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