Love and Roadkill

If you’re from the country you understand more than anyone that the roadkill sitting on the side of the road for days is not going to move no matter how much you poke it with a stick. You can will it to wake up and walk away or even pray for it to, but it’s dead, so the only change taking place will be more decomposition.

Is there a dead relationship in your life that you keep trying your hardest to awaken? Has your focus been on getting that relationship to walk on its own? What has happened to the other areas of your life?

Sometimes you need to realize when a relationship is dead. That can be any kind of relationship, too. If you’re spending all your time trying to raise it from the dead and the other person doesn’t have that same passion to wake it up, it’s doing nothing more than decomposing.

You can’t grow in death. Bury what is dead, and move your focus to the living. It’s a hard truth but it’s necessary in order to grow. Only healthy, living things grow.


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