The Shocking Truth About a Balanced Life – You Won’t Believe It!

I heard this message at church on Sunday, so I thought it would be appropriate to repost it. Do you REALLY want a life of Balance?

Misty Gatlin Fitch

I have a popular news site set as my homepage so it’s the first thing I see when I open the internet.  Almost daily, there’s something about finding balance in your life.  Whether you’re looking to balance work and life, life and school, or life in general, it’s not difficult to see the numerous articles with the secret to life’s balance. 

Many people are desperate for balance wanting to know how to make it through even just one day without feeling completely exhausted.  This feeling tends to come with each passing season in a person’s life.  When I was in high school, I had a few moments of stress while trying to figure out how to be a good student, hang out with my friends, have a job, and participate in my extra-curricular activities at school.  For the most part it was fine, but sometimes they would all need my…

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Love and Roadkill

If you’re from the country you understand more than anyone that the roadkill sitting on the side of the road for days is not going to move no matter how much you poke it with a stick. You can will it to wake up and walk away or even pray for it to, but it’s dead, so the only change taking place will be more decomposition.

Is there a dead relationship in your life that you keep trying your hardest to awaken? Has your focus been on getting that relationship to walk on its own? What has happened to the other areas of your life?

Sometimes you need to realize when a relationship is dead. That can be any kind of relationship, too. If you’re spending all your time trying to raise it from the dead and the other person doesn’t have that same passion to wake it up, it’s doing nothing more than decomposing.

You can’t grow in death. Bury what is dead, and move your focus to the living. It’s a hard truth but it’s necessary in order to grow. Only healthy, living things grow.

Miley and the VMAs: How Blurred are the Lines?

By now you’ve probably heard of the fiasco that was Miley Cyrus’ performance at this year’s VMAs.  You may have even taken time to check it out for yourself just to see what all the buzz was about.  Not long after the music awards aired, a sweet friend mentioned that she was eager to discuss her personal thoughts regarding the performance in a blog post.  I’ve been anxiously awaiting her post because I knew it would be, well, different.  I knew her thoughts would be different from anything I’ve heard in the media or through the opinions of friends.  I knew she had insight the media just doesn’t have—insight you and I don’t have.

You see, this friend is a mom of two young adults (boy and girl) who are just barely out of their teen years.  She’s also a woman of God.  She’s married to the father of her children, who is a man of God himself, and together they have raised two incredibly strong children with firm foundations.   What makes her so different from you and I, though?  What’s this insight she has that we and the media don’t have regarding Miley’s behavior?  Well, both of her children are in the entertainment industry.  In fact, her daughter is not unlike Miley in that she is a talented singer and actress who stars in her own Disney sitcom with a few movies under her belt.

As a Disney mom, she is speaking about this incident with a voice unlike those you’ve been hearing lately.  Her eyes have seen things ours have not.  She speaks from knowledge and experience, and you might be surprised by what she has to say.

This post opened my own eyes to things that somehow had never crossed my mind before.  I hope you take time to read Sandy’s post because I guarantee you’ll gain some insight.  After you’ve read it, dig around to see what all she has to share on her page.  She’s an amazing woman who, without realizing it, has truly made an impression on me over the years, and she really has a lot to offer.  Best of all, she’s speaking from the love in her heart, and unlike many celebrity moms, she’s giving it all to you for free!

Check out her post The VMA Perspective from the Mom of an Actress