The Fight That Matters

I love how social networking connects us to people who share our same goals and passions.  I recently “met” Gary Surratt, who just launched a new website last week.  He asked for me to share some of my story to feature as his first Story of the Week.   There are so many ways I could’ve gone with my story, but I landed on one specific topic that I feel is a struggle so many people have.  I encourage you to look around his site and read my story.  If you have a story to share, please contact Gary to see if he might be interested in featuring your personal story.  Read mine here at The Fight That Matters


One thought on “The Fight That Matters

  1. Wow Misty! I loved reading your story and hearing how Good has filled that hole in your heart with His amazing, unconditional love! You are such a beautiful reflection of His image!


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