Your Worth


Not everyone will understand you. Not everyone will like you. Did you know that it’s okay? Why is it that we think we should be liked by everyone when Jesus himself wasn’t? We are certainly no better than he is yet we all fall into this no matter how hard we try not to.

I’ve done a good job most of my life pretending I don’t care if people like me or not, but let’s face it, it’s in our human nature to want to be liked.

Don’t allow someone else to determine your value. Your worth is so much greater than you can even imagine. You are worth so much that Jesus chose – CHOSE I say – to die in order to spend forever with YOU. What’s cool is you may not even know him yet, but he knows you and loves you and KNOWS you were worth every second of it! And if he had it to do all over again, he would do it.

So when that boyfriend starts talking to another girl or tells you something you need to change about yourself, or when the girls say hurtful things about you on Facebook, just remember that they don’t determine your value. It means they haven’t looked beyond themselves to see your worth.

You are priceless.

Fit Friday Issue 3

Misty Gatlin Fitch

Last week I talked about motivation and how important it is to get motivated to be fit; whether that means eating healthy, exercising, or lowering your stress levels.  So far, I’ve talked only about exercise, and I want to continue with that today.

We are all motivated by something different, so each of our goals will look different.  I mentioned that my motivation for actually getting up and working out is the fact that I paid for a 5K race, so the race is my actual goal.  That goal may not work for you, and putting money down for something may not be a motivator for you.  Did you come up with a goal that gets you moving?

You might remember that I also said I could never stick with working out at a gym or taking boot camps because they both felt like chores to me.  Maybe you understand that, and you…

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