Too Much of a Failure to Talk to God

I was going through a study with Sheri Rose Shepherd today, and as I read I saw so many faces in my mind of people who had just recently said similar words about themselves.

I’ve messed up too much, so I don’t feel like I can’t pray anymore.

I don’t know God enough to even know what is right or wrong about what he wants.

God is angry at me because of the things I’ve done.  I’m not ready to give up some of these things, so I know I can’t go to him in prayer.

Who am I to invite someone to church or talk about the Bible?  I’ve done a lot of things I shouldn’t have.

The list goes on, and truly these words have been said to me by several different people over a period of just a couple of months.


Friend, the enemy will do whatever it takes to keep you from a relationship with God.  It is he who places thoughts like this in a person’s head.  There is never a time you can’t go to God in prayer.  And there is never a time you can’t speak out to someone about the truth of God.  There’s certainly never a time when you can’t invite someone to church.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  The only weapon the enemy has against you is in lying to you to bring your confidence level down.  Without confidence, you’re more likely to stay quiet and not speak truth to others.  The most dangerous lie for you to believe, though, is that you can’t get close to God anymore because of decisions you’ve made or thoughts you’ve had.  No matter what you’re doing or what you’ve done — STAY CLOSE to God!!  Talk to him constantly.  Don’t believe those thoughts.

You are NEVER a failure who is unable to go to Christ or represent Christ to others. 

Sheri Rose Shepherd left the study with a letter to you from God, and I’d like to include it here:

My Child,


I stepped into your darkness so you would shine for Me.  Did you know that I have empowered you to light up the lives of everyone around you?  You are My light to the world.  Walk with me, and let Me illuminate your life today with My love and My power.  Look to Me, and I will make you the bright spot in someone’s darkness today.  Don’t hide your light beneath your uncertainties and insecurities.  Spend more time with me, and I will make you glow with a godliness that’s irresistible.  If you will let Me, I’ll make you shine in such a way that you will be My start that points to heaven and brings hope to the hurting.

Your King and True Light of the world

I encourage you to read the full study with Sheri Rose Shepherd, Good Words… Without the Gospel
Another great one is Leave Your Sin Where it Belongs…at the Cross by Sheri Rose Shepherd

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