Why I Get Fit


I saw this today and had to post it.  It’s perfect for me.  You wouldn’t believe the harsh words that have been spoken to me about my fitness goals and successes lately.

It was a little more than a year ago that I decided to stop complaining about how I felt about myself and actually get up and do something about it.  I joined a gym, and if you’ve followed my posts, you were able to watch me set and meet my first goal of running a 5K.  I’ve run several since then.  It feels good to accomplish something I never thought possible for me.

When I decided to get fit, it had nothing at all to do with other people.  It had to do with how I felt in my own body and in my clothes.  I got fit and continue to stay fit for myself and my kids.  Those of you who have followed me for any amount of time know that I love people and want them to love themselves.  My passion is for girls and women of all ages to become confident in who they are.  I strive to help them see themselves as God does and know they were fearfully and wonderfully (and flawlessly) made.

God placed me with the youth at our church for so many wonderful years, and it was then that I helped young girls with confidence in how they were created.  Now, he’s placed me in a position of fitness instructor and Beachbody coach.  My social networking has migrated to be more about health and fitness for all ages rather than focusing solely on teen girls.  Because of that I’ve heard many negative remarks about my own heart.  I wish I could espress how my heart not only is for the same thing, but it’s grown even more as I’ve found new ways to reach people and speak truth and love to people.  The confidence I see growing in these women each day amazes me, and it’s not by my hands but by God’s.  I’m simply allowing myself to be used in such a way.

The majority of the women who work with me are not working with me solely to get fit.  We’ve formed friendships, and our goals are to improve ourselves as a whole – not simply working out and eating healthy.  We focus on loving one another and celebrating with each other’s successes.  I’ve grown as well with each new group or new person I coach.

I hope with all my heart those who have had a misperception of what I’m doing will read this and understand that my getting fit has absolutely nothing to do with what others think about my appearance.  It began as me knowing I had allowed myself to change from what God had created, working on it for myself, and now I continue with fitness to remain healthy and help others.  It has become its own ministry, and I’m so thankful God opened doors for me to do this.  It wasn’t until recently that I realized what I’m doing isn’t very different from what I have done in the past.  It’s at a completely different capacity and with women of all ages, and not limited to the confines of the church, but it all comes down to the same thing — encouraging others and helping them find confidence in who they are.

Getting fit should NEVER be about impressing someone else.  Do it for yourself and love who you are.


One thought on “Why I Get Fit

  1. To “jane” who commented here. . . you brought up a great point that I felt should be addressed privately. I emailed you in response to it. I hope it helps. God bless you, and I pray things turn around for you. You only deserve God’s best. Seek God’s direction on what his best is for you. You have a purpose. Live it out and enjoy the life he’s given you.


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