Confidence – Own It!

I was speaking to a group of teen moms the other day when I realized my self-image topic turned more into a confidence topic.  Sure these two sound one and the same, but are they really?  It wasn’t until a young mom came to speak to me after the session that I realized they are two totally different entities.

Self-image is the way one views herself while confidence is the effect that comes from having a positive self-image.  Do you follow?  A person simply can’t be confident in who she is if her self-image is poor.

As I spoke to these ladies, I realized most of them have heard about having a positive self-image and have heard that they’re beautiful, but most of them haven’t heard that it’s okay to be confident in themselves.

Confidence is like a magnet drawing people near.  People look at a confident girl and see something different, and although they don’t know what the difference is, they are drawn to her in hopes some of it rubs off on them, too.

What Confidence is NOT

  • Superior-thinking: a confident girl is not someone who thinks she’s better than everyone else.
  • Popularity: just because someone is popular at school doesn’t mean she’s confident in who she is.  A confident girl could care less about popularity.  She enjoys the true friendships she has.
  • Shallow: a confident girl knows there’s more to someone than what the world’s image of beauty is that’s splattered across magazines and billboards.  Beauty has many facets.
  • Mean-spirited: a confident girl doesn’t feel the need to put others down or intentionally harm others.

Confidence is beautiful.  God created you with great thought and detail and he delights in your beauty.  He wants you to be confident in knowing his creation is absolutely perfect.  You are his creation, and every part of your being was created by him.  Stand in confidence.  Don’t doubt who you are.  Own it!


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