God Still Speaks


It came in a dream, the way God speaks to me most often.  It’s funny how I knew it was from him but couldn’t quite figure out who it was for.  Was it for our purity retreat?  No.  Something didn’t quite work out there.  When I realized who this message was for, it was already too late.  The person to whom this message was given had already fallen into the trap, but I gave her the message anyway.  At first, she seemed to be in shock saying it was on point yet continued in her endeavors.  She chose not to heed the warning that was so clearly written out for her.

She knew that if everything else lined up with what she was seeing in her life, then soon she should expect heartache.  I still question why she continued anyway.  I wonder if it was because she thought what she was doing was worth it?  Then I wonder if she thought somehow the fall wouldn’t happen to her.  Regardless of her reasons, she didn’t listen.  Today this girl found herself at a place of destruction.  She knew this was what God warned her about.  She was prepared for something not as painful as what she found herself in, and she was angry at herself for not listening.

The dream came like a production of some sort.  Knelt on the floor with her head down was a girl.   A spotlight was on her and no other light was on.  She is unaware of anything going on around her as God is creating her.  We hear God talking to himself about his perfect creation, and then we hear Satan as he talks to himself about the same thing.

God: Look at how beautiful she is. I’m completely enthralled by the beauty I’ve created. Every strand of hair, every freckle, the color of her skin, she’s magnificent! My hands paid extra attention to the construction of her eyes. With them she will see pain carried by those around her.

Satan: Look at her. God thinks she’s so perfect. I’ll shove images in her face that say she’s not beautiful. I’ll tell her beauty is everything she’s not: blonde hair, blue eyes, no freckles, perfect skin. Let’s see how she feels then.

God: I created her mouth to hold power. It will bring truth and encouragement to millions. Her purpose will be fulfilled by the words that flow from it.

Satan: I know the plans God has for her. She’s meant to speak boldly to people. How easy will that be for her if she is overtaken by fear? I’ll give her an extra shot of fear and doubt when she speaks to others. She will be so consumed with it her courage to speak will be non-existent.

God: When I knitted her together in her mother’s womb, I gave her the most special, wonderful, important piece to her being. It’s something to be tightly guarded. The intricate design of her heart is filled with things mysterious to man, but I fully understand it in every way. Her heart will overflow with compassion for others in need. It is from her heart people’s lives will be drastically changed.

Satan: Ah, the most important piece God gave this girl – her heart. His plan is for compassion? I think I’ll send a young man her way. I’ll make sure he says and does all the things she wants to hear. I’ll find someone who appears to have the same beliefs as she does. She’ll find trust in him and give her heart away without even realizing it. At the right time he will crush her heart into pieces too small to repair. She won’t be capable of feeling compassion for others when her heart is destroyed.

The thing about this most amazing girl is that she knows who she is and who God created her to be.  She looked again at the words from this dream and said it wasn’t completely written.  I tried my hardest not to get defensive when asking her what she meant.

“Well, it ends with Satan saying she can no longer have compassion for others because her heart is destroyed so badly.  That’s not how my story ends.  My story ends with God speaking. ‘Behold I make all things new.  My perfect creation knows that in all things I work for the good of those who love me.  She may have fallen into the enemy’s trap, but I know she loves me, and what the enemy intended for evil, I intend for good.  I will sweep up the pieces of this broken heart and make it whole again.  This time it will be better than it was before, and her compassion for others will grow even stronger.  She will rise and walk out the destiny I planned for her.  She will know to speak my name in times of need, and the enemy will flee from her presence.'”

I was in awe of these words.  She finished by saying, “I was broken for a moment, but God didn’t waste any time putting me back together.”


7 thoughts on “God Still Speaks

  1. As a Christian lady the key to hearing God’s victorious voice over Satan’s destructive one, is to spend time in the word. Put on the armor of faith so that we might stand against the tricks of Satan. God can find you where you are but the consequences are much easier if we seek Him early than if He has to come deliver us from ourselves.


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