Today’s Tour Stop: Freshwater

Thank you to all who are following the blog tour.  It’s exciting to be able to be a guest for so many wonderful bloggers.  Today’s stop is Freshwater where I talk about how I do what I do all while working in the public school where what I believe is something almost forced to be kept hidden.  I enjoy talking about this subject, and I hope it shows in my response.

If you missed the previous post with Jeremy Donovan, you will want to catch up.  My post was on strongholds and how important we all are in God’s plan.  For those of you who have already read A Princess Broken, you’ve seen the synopsis for his book, The Hard Way, at the end.  His book is now for sale, so make sure you take a look at it while visiting his page.

The calendar of tour stops can be found HERE.  Thank you again for taking the tour with me!


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