The Love of Your Life Always Makes YOU Priority

Why can’t life be just like the movies?  I’m not much of a movie watcher, and chick flicks aren’t typically how I prefer to spend 2 hours of my life, but I’ve seen them before.  In pretty much all of them, the guy is perfect.  He’s cute, kind, genuine, and he wants nothing more than to make his girl feel like the most special girl in the world.  Even better—he succeeds. 

He drops everything for her and treats her like more than a queen.  The thought of not being near her is too much for him to bear.  He has an elaborate proposal planned with the perfect ring; she says yes; they get married with an extravagant ceremony; money is never an issue; his priorities never change throughout their marriage.  He loves her so much that he lives to bring her joy, and she never feels inadequate in any way.  Everything he does makes her feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.

The problem with these movies is that they were written by someone who more than likely doesn’t have time to be in a relationship but has an amazing talent for writing.  The truth is a story even more perfect than that was written a long time ago by God himself, but why do you think life never – ever – looks like these movies?

Let me ask you this:  Have you ever messed up?  Have you ever let someone down?  Have you ever said something you regretted?  Have you ever promised something with every intention of fulfilling that promise, but either you forgot or had things come up causing you to break it?  I think we can all say yes to one or all of these questions.

You and I are not perfect, so what is it inside of us that says the people we love should be?  When you’re dating someone, do you want all of his time and attention?  Do you always want him to choose to be with you rather than hang out with his friends?   Do you want him to be the guy in the movies that sweeps you off of your feet, and then the two of you live life like you’re the only two in the world?  Those types of requests aren’t realistic.  Are you willing to do the same for him (never hang out with your friends anymore, don’t allow yourself to be your focus anymore, live life as if no one else existed?)

He may assure you he would do all those things for you, and you may do the same for him.  However, life is going to happen.  You need girl friends to talk to, and he needs guy friends to hang out with.  You both will let each other down, but it doesn’t mean you don’t love each other the way you thought you did.  It means you’re human.


You want to be priority in your guy’s life?  Sure, he’ll put you before himself and others for a while, but you have to understand that there will be times you’re pushed down on the priority list.  You will do the same thing and push him from the top of your priority list sometimes, too.  Again, it doesn’t mean you aren’t in love.  It means you two are human – imperfect.

It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.  Psalm 118:8

For some it might sound unrealistic.  For others, it might not feel tangible enough.  But to be honest, God is the only one who will place you as his #1 and keep you there forever.  He’s never going to let you down.  The love of your life, unfortunately, will.  It happens because sin exists within both of you.  God, however, will make sure you never feel less than his top priority.  Take refuge in him when you need to feel like you’re the most important person in the world.  Only he can make you feel that way without you ever having to doubt it.

Love Letters

Today, why don’t you begin writing love letters to the one who will never bring tears of sadness or hurt to your eyes?  How many times do you write a mushy text or letter to the guy you really like?  How often do you tell him how much you like him and what it is you like about him?  Take a few minutes today and write words of love and affection to your creator – the true love of your life.  Tell God how much you love him and what it is you love about him.  Make this a regular thing you do with him just as you do with your crush.

When I was younger, I think almost all of us girls had a shoebox or something dedicated to the guys we liked.  Sometimes we decorated the box to make it pretty with things that reminded us of him, and we would put anything in the box: movie tickets, dried flowers, love letters, pictures, etc.  Why don’t you create a special box dedicated only to God?  Have fun decorating it.  Place things in there that remind you of his love for you and your love for him.  Add your love letters.  Maybe this spring you’ll see a flower that screams beauty and perfection.  Pick it, place it between the pages of a heavy book for a week or more so it dries flat, and place it in the box. 

If you’ve read my post Who Has Your Key, there’s a suggestion for you to do with an antique skeleton key (or whatever kind of key you want to use).  Your “God Box” would be a great place to keep the key and letter.* 

For those who make a box, I would love to see pictures to show here on my blog.  Take pictures of your box and upload them to my FB Fan Page or email them to mistygatlin (at) ymail (dot) com.

*You could even start keeping a box for your future husband and include the letter to him and maybe even your list or things that are important to you.   ~~just an idea~~


6 thoughts on “The Love of Your Life Always Makes YOU Priority

  1. Misty, I love this idea! I wanted to talk to my daughters about a purity pledge, but this gives a great way to make it really personal and special to each of them and give them a chance to personalize their commitment.


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