Let Me Clarify

After hearing from several of you, I quickly realized I need to clarify about Michael, who I introduced you to on Friday.  I think all of you gathered that he is the main character of my next book, A Warrior Wounded.  However, it seems as though many of you believed he is a real person.  Michael is a figment of my imagination who will be brought to life on paper.  I created him, and I wrote his introduction as if I were him. 

This book is completely fiction just as A Princess Broken is.  He is as fictitious as Sarah, but I am thoroughly flattered that so many of you thought he was a real person who gave his real testimony here last week.  To me, that says he’s already believable and relatable, and his story will touch you just as much as Sarah’s has. And I’m desperately trying to contain some surprises that I already know will be included in the book!

Why A Warrior?

Honestly, God gave me the title a couple of months back, but I wanted to concentrate on A Princess Broken, so I put it on the back burner and felt last week was the time to bring Michael out and let you all know a little about him.  I knew it was time to announce the next book.

I felt a strong urge to write this story because so many young men who are past and current students of mine, as well as men my age, were pulled in to Sarah’s story after reading exerpts.  The problem I found was once they heard the title of the book, they didn’t want to have anything to do with it.  Who could blame them, though?  What guy wants to read a book with the word “Princess” in the title?

I searched my head and my heart and prayed constantly on what to do to open the doors for young men to read and hear his truth in a way that might be different from what they’re used to.  I considered changing the title, but I knew it is one of the strongest pieces of the book, and God had given me the title before I even started writing.  I considered having a separate cover with a different title that would appeal more to males, but that didn’t feel right.  I even considered taking Sarah’s character and making her a boy and changing the cover just for guys to read, but that didn’t make sense.  Her issues aren’t the same as what a guy would face or how he would react, and that seemed like a lot of work that just wouldn’t turn out right.

Then, it hit me.  I heard God clearly give me the words, A Warrior Wounded. I immediately knew it was the title, and then his story started unfolding right in front of me.  I wasn’t at a place where I could write my ideas, and they were flooding my head.  As soon as I came to a place where I could jot down notes, my mind was moving faster than my hand, and I couldn’t contain my excitement over this book.  I was excited for all of you, my faithful readers, and I was excited for the young men that will be impacted by this book, and I was excited for a new type of journey for myself.  My focus has always been on young ladies, so this is completely a new direction for me, but I’m jumping in with both feet, and I’m ready to do something else amazing for God’s glory.

Thank you to everyone who has been keeping up with all my news and updates, and I do plan to write more relevant posts for you very soon.  Thank you for your patience as I’ve worked to finish Sarah’s story, which took my focus off of my blog writing for a while.  You all are great, and I’m forever thankful for you, for your support, and for your encouragement.

I am looking forward to hearing from those first readers who finish A Princess Broken.  I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.  AND it should be available to order this week, so those who pre-ordered should get your books within the next 2 weeks if all goes as planned! –> And you can still pre0-order at a discount through tomorrow<–


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