Our Differences: Not a Reason to be Jealous but God’s Fingerprint on Us

I always love the videos that go viral spreading like wildfire especially when they are filled with truth.   This one has been all over my Facebook the past few days, and it gets me excited!  My heart is filled with joy when I see young women embrace who they are and fight for God’s desire for us as women and individuals.

Take a look at 31 to be Exact before continuing on.

 Our Differences are not a Reason to be Jealous

I don’t know how boys work, but I know we girls have to fight jealousy on a near regular basis.  The enemy knows our most sensitive areas—our weak points—so he doesn’t waste time attacking us directly in those areas.

How many times have you looked at someone who has something you don’t whether it’s straight hair, curly hair, a certain color eyes, amazing talents, a gracious heart, or any other attribute you feel like you’re missing, and you feel jealous?  You start wanting what they have, which in your eyes, seems to magnify the fact that you don’t have it?  Then, you begin to notice all the traits of other girls that you’re lacking.  Soon it’s all you can think about, and it can quickly turn ugly if you don’t realize it’s happening.

Girls who find they’re lacking in certain areas sometimes do things they regret to get the attention of a boy.  Have you ever found yourself at that point?  Have you ever found yourself trying to “steal” someone else’s attention by doing something you would have never done otherwise?  Once you’ve done it, you can’t take it back, so you’re filled with regret.

Not any of us are 100% alike, and isn’t that wonderful?  Who wants a world full of the same person?  It would be completely boring.  God created us to be unique individuals.  While you might have some of the same features, talents, or habits as someone else, you were also given many differences.  Those differences need to be embraced and seen as God’s fingerprint on you.  It should not be a cause for jealousy.

In my book, The Real You: Daily Readings for Daughters of the King, I touched on this subject of comparing yourself to someone else:

You can’t compare your weaknesses to someone else’s strengths.  The reason we are equipped with different strengths and weaknesses is because God intended for us to work together as different parts of the body of Christ.  Think about your own body.  Your hands can open jars, and your feet can’t.  However, your feet get you where you want to go, and your hands can’t.   Every part of your body is created with a purpose.  They all have their own special strengths and do things that other parts of your body can’t.  Working together, though, they create the whole body and work in harmony with one another.  When we each use our particular strengths, we become a whole body of Christ, and we can do some major damage against the enemy.                               

Why else do you think he, the enemy, likes to pit us against one another?  If you spend your time comparing yourself to the girl across the room and doing your best to be good at what she’s good at, then you aren’t spending time building yourself and the unique gifts God gave you.  When your time is spent being jealous of or acting superior to another girl, you’re doing the same thing.   When this happens, you can’t work with the girl across the room to create a harmonious body of Christ because you’re too busy competing against her.  Therefore, you are not as strong.  Do you see now that the enemy has a plan for you just as much as God does?   

 When you find jealousy creeping in today for whatever reason, grab hold of it and realize whatever the other girl has is something unique God has given her.  Then, remind yourself that he’s given you something unique as well.  You may not recognize what it is, but someone else does, and that someone might have been jealous of you at some point.  It’s a vicious cycle.  God’s fingerprint is on you and everyone around you but in different ways.  Embrace the differences and push the jealousy aside.

Look at yourself today.  Where is God’s unique fingerprint on you?  Love that part of who you are.


4 thoughts on “Our Differences: Not a Reason to be Jealous but God’s Fingerprint on Us

  1. What got me is when she says, “…you can implant in yourself a new spirit or lipo-suck away all your sins…” woooo POW-ER-FUL that was just one of the many powerful truths that she spoke. Thank you so much, Misty, for sharing this. (PS: I’m having to play major catch up on all your wonderful content that I’ve been missing out on…. haha! 🙂


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