Fit Friday Issue 5

Have you made healthy changes in the majority of your life but still have a feeling of not being fit sometimes?  When we talk about being fit, the top two things we talk about are diet and exercise.  While those are very important and necessary in becoming a healthy person, they aren’t solely responsible for creating a healthy and fit you.

Tip of the Week

Physical training is good, but training for godliness (training to be spiritually fit) is much better, promising benefits in this life and the life to come.  1 Timothy 4:8

It’s incredibly important to keep your spirit fit and healthy, or the physical changes won’t be as sustainable.  This scripture says that being spiritually fit is even more important than being physically fit because it’s good for you now AND it’s good for you through eternity.

So how can you be spiritually fit?

  • Read your Bible regularly.  It doesn’t mean you’ve failed if you go a few days without reading, but do your best to get into the word as consistently as you can and understand what it’s saying to you.  Everyone is different.  My husband likes the one year Bible readings that tell him which chapters to read to get through the year.  My mind doesn’t work that way, so I look for other devotions or readings that relate to my life and follow along with them.  Find what works for you so your reading time is more meaningful.   When you read ask yourself these questions:
    • What is this scripture saying?
    • What is it saying to me?
    • How can I apply it to my life?
    • How can I use this scripture to benefit and encourage others?
  • Talk to God.  Did you know that prayer doesn’t mean you have to kneel on your knees, fold your hands just so, bow your head, and say some foreign formal something to someone who may or may not be listening?   Prayer is talking to God just like you talk to your best friend.  You can be driving down the road or walking to class and say a few things that are on your mind.  God is there, and he is listening, and he would much rather you go to him like he’s a friend rather than spurting out a bunch of overly religious words that mean absolutely nothing to you.  He wants to talk to you, not some automated version of you.
  • Use your powers.  I recently wrote a post about having superhero powers.  We all have them.  God gave each of us a gift of some sort.  Know what your gift is and use it as often as possible.  I’m including links from previous posts that talk more about this if you’re unsure what I’m talking about.
  • Find a church home that you love, and GO.  There’s nothing worse than being a part of a church you don’t love.  You’ll know when you find the right church.  Start talking to God about it if you haven’t already found it.  Going from church to church is not good, and it hinders your spiritual growth.  Find your church, and get involved.    Don’t make excuses for why you can’t go on Sunday (or whatever day).  Think about how often you’re at the gym.  You don’t want to miss that class on Thursday night, right?  You should feel the same about your place of worship.

When you make even subtle changes in your eating habits, exercising regimen, and spiritual walk, you’ll find that things are gradually moving into place where you feel more balance within yourself.  You can start today with your spiritual walk, and it’s something you can work on at any time or any place.

What can you do today to give your spiritual walk a little boost?

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2 thoughts on “Fit Friday Issue 5

  1. Misty this is powerful! Thanks for reminding us of the importance of exercising and getting our spirit fit. This is one thing we overlook. Even when we go to church, we expect a minister or preacher to spoon feed us the Word of God. And yes, it’s good to take in what they say because it helps us to understand the Word better. But we must sacrifice time daily or like you said, consistently. If not every day, try every other day. But just like we make an appointment with the gym, we must make an appointment with God. I can always tell, when I’m slipping up in my spiritual “fitness.” I start to get spiritually “rusty”. I start to get irritated or impatient more easily. When I’m spiritually unfit, I don’t make sound decisions, I get stressed out, worried and anxious easier. I don’t find the peace that I need. But when I’m spiritually fit, taking time out for God through prayer and studying His Word, I feel an unspeakable joy, peace, and love. I then feel stronger, wiser, and I have more endurance/longsuffering. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been missing my weekly doses of Misty Gatlin this week. I look forward to stopping my more! Take care, Misty!


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