Fit Friday – Issue 2

Everybody looks at exercise differently.  Some see it as a necessity to get the outcome they desire (more muscles, less weight, tone or maintain where they are) while others see it as a way of life.  How do you view exercise?

Do you see it as a chore?  I’ve always looked at exercise as a chore – something I didn’t have time to do.  Well, I never had time to do it because I viewed it as a chore!  I mean, who wants to do chores in their spare time?  Not me.

Over the years, I’ve joined gyms, taken boot camps, tried to run on my own, but nothing ever stuck.  It’s because I really wasn’t interested.  My running lasted a couple of weeks here and there, and I never felt better about myself, so I stopped.  The gym made me think of treadmills, weights, and yoga, and I couldn’t get into that either.  Boot camps were good, but I think I skipped more than I went.

Does any of this sound familiar?  What in the world can motivate you?

Tip of the Week (Motivation part 1)

Set a goal.  Make sure it is an attainable goal – baby steps make things better so you can have another goal once you’ve reached the first.  At the same time, don’t make it an easily attainable goal.

My goal is to run a 5K.  Okay, I’m not a runner by any means, and the time I tried to become a runner a few years back, I thought I was going to die when I ran .6 of a mile in about 20 minutes!  Should a 5K really be my goal?  The first thing I did was tell one of the personal trainers at the gym about my goal (so now he knows—yikes).  Although I don’t have a personal trainer, he thought it was necessary to force me to run on the elliptical for 20 minutes my first workout!  I didn’t think I was going to survive.  You know what?  I did!  Not only did I survive—with jelly-like legs afterward—but I was so excited to see that I had gone 1 mile!  I didn’t run the whole time, but I did continue during the whole 20 minutes (thanks to the PT that kept checking up and standing beside me the last 5 minutes to make sure I did it because I really was about to quit).

That one thing helped me realize that it is possible for me to reach my goal, so I took it a step further.  I registered to run a 5K next month!  That means I paid money to say that I will run this race.  My husband and I are on a very strict budget, so in order for me to lay down some moolah for this race, I better follow through!

So, yes, setting the goal and having a personal trainer go out of his way to push me when I’m not paying him to push me helped with my motivation.  BUT it was putting money down for a real race with a real date, that isn’t too far away I might add, that really lit a fire under me.  To add to everything, I announced it to my friends and family on Facebook, and I’m now telling you all!  How’s that for accountability?

So, here I am just 3 weeks later, and I run probably 2-3 days a week to train for this race.  I exercise in different ways on the other days (which I will talk about in part 2 next week).

I had to move myself off of the elliptical where I was running right at 3 miles in 35 minutes and start running outside to get my body used to the difference.  First, I want to point out that I went from barely surviving the 20 minute long 1 mile run on the elliptical to running right at 3 miles in a little more than 30 minutes!  And that only took me 2 weeks!  Remember I am not a runner nor have I ever been.  As a matter-of-fact, I have never had an athletic bone in my body.

I ran outside for the second time on Sunday, and I ran 2.72 miles in 30 minutes!  Wait!  What did I say?  I am not a runner nor have I ever been.  As I ran on Sunday, my mind changed, and I heard myself saying, “I guess I am a runner now.”  So, yes, I am a runner!

The race is February 25, and I’m so excited!  I’m still not quite there, but I can see the 3.1 miles, and it’s so close.  You can do it too!

What is your Goal?

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t feel like you could?  Is there something you’ve attempted to do but couldn’t finish?  Is there something you’ve watched someone else do wishing you could do it too?

Well, listen up!  YOU – CAN – DO – IT!!!!

Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

Luke 1:37
Nothing is impossible with God.

Matthew 19:26
Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Set your goal and know that it is absolutely possible.  Change that IMPOSSIBLE to I’M POSSIBLE!

I would love to hear your goal and your deadline for reaching it.  It’s easy to set a goal, but to really get going you need to have a date set to meet it.  Otherwise, you’ll be like me who said 2 years ago that I wanted to run a 5K, and I never did anything about it . . . until now.

So, tell me.  What is your goal, and when do you plan to reach it?

6 thoughts on “Fit Friday – Issue 2

  1. Hello Misty, I loved how your declaration changed from, “I’m not a runner” to “I am a runner.” I think that’s importance for a lot of people to see. Amazing things happen when we change our declaration from “I’m not” to “I am” Speaking of “I am”, my goal is writing a short free ebook. I’m not sure of a deadline yet, but you’ve taught me the importance of setting a deadline. So, I’ll have to set a reasonable deadline now. 🙂 Good luck on training for your 5k run. I know you can do it!!!


    1. How exciting! Yes, definitely set a date. I’ve learned (especially with writing) that it is necessary to make deadlines, but do it in a way that works best for you. For example, it may not work for you to set a completion deadline. Instead, you can plan to write 500 words a day or one chapter a week or something like that. Baby steps. When you break it down, it doesn’t seem as overwhelming and makes it less of a ‘job.’ For me and my writing, I did something this summer when I was home with my kids that really worked well. Kids napped for two hours, so I had a 30 minute timer set. I wrote on my book for 30 minutes, blogged for 30 minutes, contacted churches for speaking events for 30 minutes, and I sought out and contacted agents to query for my book for 30 minutes. Just find what works for you. Write it down so you see it every day, and don’t let yourself get sidetracked while you’re writing. Good luck!


      1. Great advice, Misty! I’ll definitely set deadlines for short term goals such as you’ve mentioned. I’ll try the 30 minutes a day or 500 words a day tip. I think that will be helpful in the long run. Thank you so much and you have a wonderful day!


  2. My goal is actually the same thing as yours. It has been since I had knee surgery. My 5k is in a couple months. Im running 2 or 3 miles every day! Thanks for the encouragement, I needed it!


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