Quick Update

Hi friends!  I wanted to let you know that I won’t be blogging quite as much in these next two weeks because I’m home enjoying time with my kiddos and will also be traveling for the holidays.  I will have the next pieces to A Princess Broken tomorrow and Thursday.

A Princess Broken is almost to the point where I will stop posting.  I think I will have it at the stopping point THIS THURSDAY, and I will work like mad next week to complete it.  After that, I will work like mad to get it edited and ready for print.  YOU, my subscribers, will be the first ones who will be able to purchase it, and I will sell it to you with a substantial discount from what it will be sold for in stores!!!

I promise to have it out as soon as possible because I know you’ll want to know how it ends.  I’m so sad that I will not be writing the series every Tuesday and Thursday, so I’m going to pray for what to do next.  Like I mentioned before, I’ve never written fiction, and this came in a dream, so I have no ideas for what’s next.  🙂

Enjoy your Christmas, and make sure to check back tomorrow and Thursday.

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