I Need YOUR Help for my Next Book!

My book, Perfect You, is currently being reviewed by a publisher in hopes and prayer that they pick it up.  This book is very “real” to say the least.  It involves a lot of things teen and young adults face almost every day (low self image, sex, drugs, self-harm, food addictions, etc).  One chapter is devoted to suicide and includes a life changing story shared by a sweet friend.  I have something in mind that will be added to the book in a very special way if I can get your help.

Here’s what I need:

If you have ever personally lost someone to suicide or know someone who has, would you be willing to share the person’s FIRST NAME ONLY along with their age at the time of the suicide?  This is a very sensitive subject matter, so please email it to me at mistygatlin@ymail.com rather than commenting here.  Again, I only need the first name and the age (although age is optional), and I hope this works out the way I see it in my head.


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