No Regrets


I don’t have any regrets.  The things I’ve done made me who I am today.

How often have you said these words?  I know I’ve said them many times before, but I’ve really started reflecting on them over the past few days.

I asked myself, do I really regret nothing I’ve done?  Do I believe the words I’m saying, or am I saying them to make myself feel better?  Think about the times you’ve said something similar.  Do you really mean it?

Your past does not define who you are today, but do you really never look back on things you’ve done and wish you didn’t do them? 

Sometimes decisions you make in your past stick with you in the future.  You may not believe that your decisions will affect your future, but they do.  I used to think the same thing.  There are so many things I regret doing in my past, but there’s one that as much as I say I don’t regret it – I absolutely do.  If it weren’t for one mistake in particular, I wouldn’t have to deal with some of the remains of it today.

What are some things you’ve said you don’t regret, or what are some things you’re doing now because “everyone else is doing it?”  Spend some time today thinking about your future and how those things might affect certain aspects of it (for example: smoking can cause lung problems later).

Think about your future spouse or children.  Are there any decisions you have made or are currently making that can transfer into that life?

I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for the mistakes I made in the past.

Yep.  I’ve been there.  I’ve said that very same thing, and I’ve said it often.  I may have even said it in another post.

The truth is that sentence is only partially true.  The enemy likes to deceive us by “tweaking” the truth.  Think about when he talked to Eve in the garden.  He said, You will not certainly die (Gen 3:4).  He tweaked the truth a bit.  Sure, Adam and Eve weren’t going to immediately die because they ate of the forbidden fruit.  However, they would die to their perfect life in the garden and eventually die physically because of it. 

He is tweaking the truth by telling you that you wouldn’t be the person you are today without your mistakes. 


  • You wouldn’t be broken
  • You wouldn’t feel moments of desperation caused by past decisions
  • You wouldn’t feel the same disconnect between family and friends
  • You wouldn’t feel so far from God


  • You are stronger because of the mistakes you made
  • You are closer to God because of the mistakes you made
  • You can teach your children one day not to make the same mistakes


These are lies that often ring louder in your head than the truth does.  Don’t you think God can get you to where you need to be without veering from his path?  God is the only one who can make you stronger, and you don’t need to fall into the enemy’s trap to get there.  It doesn’t make you stronger.  It makes you hurt more.

You may feel closer to God once you’ve overcome the struggles you brought on yourself, but you could easily be close to God without them.

If you’re saying that one day you’ll be able to teach your children not to make the same mistakes you have made, then you know you have regrets.  God can show you how to teach your children without you having to spend time in those dark places first.


Please don’t feel that I’m looking down on you for decisions you’ve made.  I’m certainly not.  I’m speaking to myself just as much as to you today.  It literally hit me yesterday that I could be where I am with God’s help.  I didn’t need the help of the selfish decisions I’ve made in my lifetime.  Re-read the picture above.  Call those decisions what they are—selfish.  And they truly only bring hurt and can continue bringing hurt for years to come.

I pray you don’t find yourself dealing with hurt in your future from decisions you make today, but do understand that it’s okay to feel regretful and own your mistakes.  It doesn’t make you weak to confess that you shouldn’t have done those things.  I think it actually makes you stronger to be able to take responsibility for past actions.  Don’t you?

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