Blast From the Past — Where does Jesus Live?

Originally posted June 21

I love talking to my 2 year old because she says or does whatever it takes to make someone laugh.  We just never know what we’re going to get when she’s around.  When my oldest was her age, I could ask, “Where does Jesus live?”  He and his sweet heart would immediately point to his chest and say, “Jesus lives in my heart.”  It was so sweet.

Faith, on the other hand, knows that’s the answer we’re looking for, so it goes a little more like this:  “Where does Jesus live?”  She looks right at us, and just as soon as we get the sentence out she says, “At home.”  Of course, this is always followed by a giggle from us.  She is a character I tell you.

Tonight I started thinking about this.  If I were to ask you where Jesus lives, what would your answer be?  Would you say, “At home?”  Would at home mean your heart?  Where do you see Jesus?

Then I began to think about different people I’ve met, some who say they are Christians.  It’s difficult for me to see so many who walk around with an incredibly gloomy, grumpy disposition.  Something seems to always be wrong, and there seems to be something negative to say about those who are happy.  Have you seen these people walking around?  How is it that someone can know Christ and be so sad and down all the time?

You know, Jesus died for you and I on the cross in a most horrible way.  I honestly think that some of these people have left him on that cross.  That’s still where they see him, and they may not even realize it.

Praise God he didn’t stay there!!  Just three days later, he rose from the grave and looked as if he were unscathed.  He doesn’t live on the cross, dear friends.  He is alive, and if you’ve accepted him as your savior, he lives inside of you!

We should be walking around with confidence in who we are and who we were created to be.  We should be filled with joy knowing that we have the power to fight the enemy with any attack he brings at us.  The very same power that rose Christ from the dead is living inside of you (Rom 8:11)!!

Don’t leave him hanging on the cross.  Allow Jesus to be fully alive inside of you so that everyone who comes in contact with you sees life and not death.  Let your light shine brightly with the life and love of Christ.

I’d Rather BE a Proverbs 31 Woman Than a Victoria’s Secret Model

The Proverbs 31 movement started several weeks back by Alex Eklund from Baylor University.  His video went viral not too long after the Victoria’s Secret show this.  I saw it posted by almost everyone I knew on Facebook, and it spread like wildfire.  After about a week of seeing it all over my Facebook, I decided to finally watch it.  If you haven’t seen it, here it is:


I pondered this idea for a while.  I mean, most of us stress the importance of our appearance, right?  As much as we try to play it off like we don’t care, we do everything we can to look “just right.”  Whether it’s to attract a boy, keep up with the popular girls, or just because we love looking nice, it’s something that is very much a part of being a girl.

Why is that?

This year, I kept hearing mixed reviews on this fashion show.  Facebook posts were filled with girls saying how they wish they could look like those girls.  Others, including hosts of a top morning show I enjoy listening to, were almost disgusted by the unhealthy way the girls looked.

Maybe it’s things like these shows that put those feelings in our heads—feelings that appearance is so utterly important.

I want to take a quick look at the two types of women so I can see for myself whether I would rather be a Proverbs 31 woman or a Victoria’s Secret model.

Victoria’s Secret Model

I did a little digging (not too much thanks to Google), and I found out what this year’s models did in order to look perfect for this particular show.

Did you know that some of them worked out almost the same amount of time I spend at work each day?  That doesn’t sound fun to me at all.  Most of them spent 2 or more hours a day working out, and they did this every day!

They all were, of course, on a strict diet.  Some diets consisted of liquids only, and one of the most well known models divulged that “for 9 days before a runway show, she consumes only powdered egg-enriched protein shakes, and 12 hours before the show, she stops drinking liquids entirely.”*

Hmmm . . . I’m not feeling it.  Let’s look at the other end of the spectrum.

Proverbs 31 Woman

If you’ve never read Proverbs 31, I recommend you take time today to read it and really think about what it’s saying.  Don’t take everything so literally.  When it says “she makes her own bedspreads” understand that you don’t have to make all of your bedding in order to be this woman.  It means she wasn’t lazy, and she used her talents to benefit her family.  She did what she knew how to do in order to take care of her family.

My favorite part of this chapter comes from verses 25-27

She is clothed with strength and dignity,
and she laughs without fear of the future.
When she speaks, her words are wise,
and she gives instructions with kindness.
She carefully watches everything in her household
and suffers nothing from laziness.

I would much rather be clothed with strength and dignity than in 30 lb angel wings strapped to my arms while walking around in my underwear for millions to see.

While I don’t wake up before the sun comes up to make breakfast for my family, I do believe I can continue to strive to be this woman described in these scriptures.  It’s such a great goal to shoot for.

Instead of wanting so desperately to look like those models who have spent the majority of their days with personal trainers and having to look at the desserts rather than taste of them, why don’t you consider the woman described in Proverbs 31 and make every effort to be like her?

Do you know what I’ve found out?  The more you work at becoming this woman, the more you look so much better than a Victoria’s Secret model to those who look at you.  I didn’t believe that until I saw it with my own eyes.  It’s true.

Why don’t you take the test:  try to be as much like the Proverbs 31 woman as you can, and see if you don’t become more beautiful in the eyes of those around you.  Are you willing to take the test?

I’m going to leave you with a video from one of our youth students in response to this movement, Brooks Bigsby:




Quick Update

Hi friends!  I wanted to let you know that I won’t be blogging quite as much in these next two weeks because I’m home enjoying time with my kiddos and will also be traveling for the holidays.  I will have the next pieces to A Princess Broken tomorrow and Thursday.

A Princess Broken is almost to the point where I will stop posting.  I think I will have it at the stopping point THIS THURSDAY, and I will work like mad next week to complete it.  After that, I will work like mad to get it edited and ready for print.  YOU, my subscribers, will be the first ones who will be able to purchase it, and I will sell it to you with a substantial discount from what it will be sold for in stores!!!

I promise to have it out as soon as possible because I know you’ll want to know how it ends.  I’m so sad that I will not be writing the series every Tuesday and Thursday, so I’m going to pray for what to do next.  Like I mentioned before, I’ve never written fiction, and this came in a dream, so I have no ideas for what’s next.  🙂

Enjoy your Christmas, and make sure to check back tomorrow and Thursday.