We Hit 6000 ~ Time to Give Something Away!

I love hitting a new thousand mark because I get to give things away!  Today’s contest is for a $10 iTunes gift card and an autographed book.  This is open to all SUBSCRIBERS. If you aren’t a subscriber, it’s really easy–just type in your email on the right side of the screen where it says SIGN ME UP!

Here’s what you have to do to be entered:

  • Make sure you have subscribed
  • Write a comment here telling me your favorite holiday tradition.  Make it as short or long as you would like.

Contest will end tomorrow (Tuesday, November 29) at 9:00.  I will draw from the names of those subscribers who comment and announce it Wednesday morning.

Good luck!


9 thoughts on “We Hit 6000 ~ Time to Give Something Away!

  1. My dad always make a really big special breakfast!!!!! He always makes something crazy, like star & moon shaped waffles or pancakes. And he always adds something really tummy to it.


  2. My favorite holiday tradition is to read the Christmas story as we set up the nativity scene. I love nativities, and I have several different ones. I want to get a big lighted one for our yard!


  3. My favorite Christmas tradition is having “Birthday cake for Jesus” for breakfast on Christmas morning, only instead of cake, we have cherry pie. The recipe comes from both sides of my family- my dad’s grandmother has the best pie crust recipe, and the filling is made from scratch from a recipe originating with my mom’s mom. I love that it brings both sides of our family together in food form during the holidays. Before eating any of it, we always stick a candle in it and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus!


  4. Every year on Christmas eve, instead of having a huge feast, we have fondue. We pretty much just dip bread, meat, mushrooms, and pickles into melted cheese! It’s the best thing ever! & then we proceed to open the family presents. The “Santa” presents are for Christmas morning. (:


  5. Because everyone in our family is impacient and nosey we don’t put presents under the tree until Christmas morning. The night of Christmas Eve we stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning wrapping each others presents and getting things set up for the next morning and turn around and get up at 5 to open them all. Its a crazy tradition but by far is my favorite.


  6. My favorite holiday tradition is buying my kids pajamas to open and wear on Christmas Eve. They then wear them to Christmas morning breakfast at my parents. I have already bought pj’s for my 9 month old grand daughter to wear this Christmas!


  7. Every Christmas since I was born me and my family fly up to Illinois to my dads side of the family and all have christmas together.


    1. My favorite holiday tradition is taking turns to open Christmas presents rather than making it one mad rush. I get to savor the time together, and see how everyone likes their gifts!


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