How “A Princess Broken” Was Born

I am so excited about the buzz this story has generated.  It was very unexpected, but knowing that people are having discussions about what I’ve written keeps me motivated.

It all started with a Sunday afternoon nap.  I dreamt that I was supposed to write a fiction series on my blog, and it was supposed to be called A Princess Broken.  I’ve never written fiction before, so I was a little nervous.  Then, I made this insane move and told you all that I would post twice a week, and I was writing it (am writing it) on those days!  What that means is I don’t have this finished yet.  I don’t even have the next one started.  I usually write whichever part I’m on the same day that I post it.  This puts a lot of pressure on me, but it also makes me get it done.  Otherwise, I’m letting you all down.

So when I woke up from this nap, I told my husband about it, and I had only 3 things that I knew were going to be a part of this story 1) the main character was a troubled teen, and I saw her crying against a tree in the middle of a cold, drizzly day.  I saw her sandy-blonde hair, and I saw her body folded up as she cried alone.  2) she was carrying around a necklace of a broken crown (I even considered calling it The Broken Crown, but that wasn’t what I dreamt). 3) The scripture “Behold, I make all things new” was going to be the basis of her story.

So from those three things and the title in hand, I began writing.  Each time I wrote, and still write, I’m amazed at knowledge God is giving me.  Yes, I dealt with some tough things as a teenager, but there are a lot of things Sarah struggles with that I know nothing about.  I know it’s God giving me the words and direction because I’ve had girls contact me with their own stories that match perfectly with pieces of Sarah’s story.

While I do know the ending of this story, it is still not yet written, and a lot will happen between where we are now and where we will be at the end.  I cannot take the credit for writing this.  I believe wholeheartedly that God is the writer of this story, and I can’t wait to see where he takes it next.

My original plan was to stop about 3/4 of the way through, write the rest, and give my subscribers a free, complete ebook version with the ending.  However, there is a possibility of publishing this.  If — and that’s always a big if because publishing may not be what God wants for this–if I publish it, I will stop the posts when it’s about 3/4 complete, and then I will publish it.  Right now I’m conflicted on which avenue to take, but I think I’ll know when the time is right.

I truly hope Sarah’s story touches you in some way.  I feel like she’s someone I know, and I find myself wanting to wrap my own arms around her and show her how much she’s worth.  If you find yourself feeling that way, then look around you.  She may be sitting next to you in class, or you may brush past her in the hall.  You never know what people’s lives are like when they aren’t around you. 

Be aware of how you interact with people.  Do they leave your presence feeling worthy of love, or do they feel even more worthless than they did before?

To read A Princess Broken, please click HERE

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