A Few Announcements

Thank you to the moms who have bought A Real You for your daughters and to the ones who had some great feedback about their own struggles.  You have all inspired me to write a companion study for moms!  It will be laid out the same and use the same song, but it will be more relevate to you.  You and your daughter can go through the two week study together and utilize the added questions to discuss with one another.  Be on the lookout for it soon.  I hope to get it before Christmas. . . I will try my best!

Also, I’m overwhelmed by the many privately spoken/written messages about A Princess Broken.  I have never written fiction, and I almost didn’t do it, but it was truly God breathed.  I’m just amazed at the responses of girls in a very similar situation and girls who have family members going through something similar.  I hope it continues to speak to all of you.

God bless you all, and keep on reading.  And if you ever would like to submit something to me for publication, I would love to look it over.


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